Article - You cannot learn research in a day! On meeting all the delusions and all the wrong conceptions!

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Maybe, the greatest delusion on earth is believing in a religion! We should always try to learn, and using the theories and the methods in the universities. And Norway is bad ranked on education and research when doing analysis in other countries.

You cannot just go to a school, and think afterwards that you know all. Which school was it, which limitations did it have, and what have you learned and not learned? You should be your boss in the life, and you must deny influencers, or people thinking they have found the essence in the life by just seeing. All history and strong persons, have always a content and some boundaries, and you should not be sure of anything, after reading all the material that is present. The research environments are unserious and not best many places, and hence you get much stupid behavior. And I can do all on my own instead, also INSTEAD of INSEAD!

Housewives, mess and bad education backgrounds always imply things for what you aret hinking and not thinking. And you should be the best as everyone, but do not copy any behavior and any result, if you are not convinced that this university is best ranked in the world. Education gives you benefits for much, but try to be your boss in life, since you know what life is and not is. And give your protests to people and organizations trying to govern you. You should not be governed by anyone, and the presidents and prime ministers around the world have also been engaged in defined locations with variants of theories and methods. You cannot be convinced about anything unless you have the evidence of nature, and try to smile and find the restrictions in all the backgrounds surrounded you. Professors different places have also made stupid choices, and many of them are not best at all levels at school. Think and feel how bad they are treated the populations by being in love with the students!

The best thing is individuality, and nobody should trick you into being humble. And the most important thing I can do in life, is to give contributions and being serious and funny. And the pleasure in life you find in being alone, and also being together with different people. Try to choose organizations with work where you can use you education, and where you have enough challenges for getting a meaningful life. But I must always appreciate people, and being together with them in all situations. You should meet the different things in life by being polite, and try to find pleasure, fun and enjoyment where you are from time to time. Life in universities and in research institutions are just a mirror of what is going on in the populations, and why people and organizations are doing what they are doing!

You cannot find the answers of all questions in the life in the literature, and where people are speaking! What can the birds fly? Why are the elephants so big? And you can use endless series of questions of many things. And humans can not be sure about anything, and we are believing in religions, in evolution or in nothing today. Such is the life for all humans at earth!

Some people have misconceptions about learning, seeing and research background. They think that research is learned during a day. Nothing could be more wrong! You must learn research by doing perception carefully through many years. Therefore, not all people have the properties of becoming a good researcher. But you should do the jobs yourself, and the messages can be as they are, they can be changed, and they can be new!

So, try to understand messages and their philosophy in accordance with the personality and the background and the experiences to the person in question!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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