Will The Corona Virus Initiate The Use Of Contactless Payment Systems?

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The corona virus is a very transmissible pathogen and the mode of transfer from person to person is when they talk, cough, sneeze, or people who touches a contaminated objects such as money or hard cash like coins and paper money.

Now to avoid sharing or handing out money to pay or take your change we have to make a way to use contactless payment systems and there are ways to do it like from an app where most people can use to just show a bar code where people with smartphone can just scan and then instantly the payment is done.

Actually here in my country that idea is now being considered so that CoViD-19 infections will get minimized because most people really use hard cash and if that will be reduced then we can help to curve out the means of transmission with regards to CoViD.


Now Is The Time For A Contactless Payment System To Get Adopted

We already have the technology for being able to do contactless payments because smartphones had gotten cheap already and at a touch of the screen an app can get installed instantly to be used for such utilities aforementioned. I just hope that countries will also use crypto currencies because of its utility not only for paying but also for trading for making money for its user.

So it is like hitting two or more birds with one stone, a contactless payment to help not to spread the virus, as a means of earning money via trading cryptocurrencies, and also one thing, to pay faster even if the recipient is from abroad without much or no fees at all.

It is really the time for a contacless payment system because it adds to our safety especially now that there is a kind of virus spreading making a pandemic and making our lives hard. We can just benefit if all vendors would adopt this kind of system in addition to practicing our new normal like social distancing, wearing of masks, and other health measures simply because our common enemy is not seen and can overpower us if we do not use or do things that will add not only for our safety but also for our convenience with regards to payment of goods and services.

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I believe that this virus will also change the payment systems.