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Taking @tripode's 30 day challenge list from earlier this year, the next topic is "Forgetting any theory, or history, How do YOU think the world was created?"



If I forget all history and theory, and start from my own ideas formed only from what I've seen around me my whole life, which is how I'm interpreting the question, that makes this very interesting. I'd have to remove my understanding of God and science as I know it now as part of forgetting history or theory. So this is how the world was made:

The stars in the night sky collided one day, forcing land to create a massive amount of land that I live on. One star held water, another trees and plants. Another held animals and the last held fire. When they all collided, fire dripped away from the colliding wreck, forming a ball that heats the land every day, called the sun. The animals, plants and trees were overcome with water and quickly found it was great to consume and the animals devoured several types of plants and fruit from the trees. Mankind developed as the drop of fire, or the sun, caused radiating forces to morph the intelligence and body structure of some of the animals. Mating was rabid and soon gave into people dotting the earth, sharing the world with the plants, animals, and elements. People quickly found that eating other animals made for faster, stronger, taller people and they collected animals for domestication.

That's good

That was a fun exercise...what would you come up with? Write your post and leave the link to it in the comment section below. I'd love to read where your mind takes you. Will you create the world with gods like the Greeks/Romans, etc, or will you come up with something else fantastical?


This is a very difficult idea to come up with if you have to remove all the other knowledge that you have gained. I think I may have to do that 30 day blogging idea at some point. With this question, somethings are so ingrained in me at this point, it is hard to separate it to come up with an idea for the earthy being created. I would have to try to think of it as a kid thinks of it i think .

You are right. You can't unlearn what you know to be self evident. But for a writing exercise it may be possible to look at the process from an alien point of view.

This is nice shot sir @bobthebuilder2. See the big world inside small mirror. Blessing

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