How to Protect WordPress website from DDoS Attack

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DDoS stand for Distributed Denial of Service attack where attackers send so many requests to the server to overload the server so that server gets slow or crash down. As per sucuri WordPress is the main target for a hacker because it is the most popular CMS with more than 35% share of the CMS market.

There are many ways to secure your website from a DDoS attack one of them is Cloudflare CDN. Cloudflare has its solution using Cloudflare you can hide your IP address. Cloudflare will not show your actual IP that makes it difficult to attack your website.
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I have written a detailed post on my blog How to setup Cloudflare CDN on your WordPress website. Cloudflare is a CDN that provides many tool and feature to secure your WordPress websites like Minify CSS and Javascript, Disable Image Hotlinking etc. Cloudflare provides the freemium type of service but a free plan is more than enough to secure your website.

Another tool is to secure your website from a DDoS attack is the Jetpack Plugin which blocks the suspicious IP. On the jetpack setting page, you can allow your IP so that it should not block your IP. Cloudflare and jetpack are the best combinations to secure your website from a DDoS attack.

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