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That list looks kind of familiar!

While every ex-steemian currently Hiver is on their 8th - 9th week of their powerdown. Worst case scenario 4 more weeks after the implementation of HF 23...meaning that 3/4 of their SP is gone...yet there's not a single "community" account in there...

Where's the Steem community really? Just milking?

I'm on week 1 of 4, and fairly sure some of that SP is going nowhere, at least not an any price worth anything.

Total mess.

Judging by the way the price of Splinterlands cards are holding up I think half the community is using those as a way to get their Steem the fuck out of there!

I thought about that this afternoon actually!

neoxian paid 20000 STEEM for a card the other day, could end up being hella shrewd!

Jesus - that must have been Arius or that Baby summoner? Gold?

And I thought I was 'out there' by buying a second maxed Mimosa.

Exode? That's a great way to lighten yourself of a couple of hundred quid atm btw.

It was a GFL Prince Julian I think, Chris mentioned today.

Yeah Prince Julian - arrives maxed out apparently.

Not touched Exode - I was waiting for a post from you saying you'd loaded 1000 STEEM in and there was nothing to do!? :D

It's actually quite playable, one guy's 10 year passion project!

This time next week I might have spent the equivalent of 10 000 Steem on it.

I think autovote being switched off has killed the milk for many!

No worries. We can keep milking with autovote on hive.

number crunching is fun


Funny. And our witness (@steempress) has even been disabled for more than 2 months now 😅


@apshamilton this goes into evidence straight after Shabbat!

Excellent work.

Well that's a list that feels familiar... :') Epic.

What a joke and a farce. The entire crypto world can see this Justin Sun is a criminal. We can also all see that the blockchain is weak, flawed, porous and easily broken or stolen from. So much for DPoS. Nice try but it doesn't work. Anyone with a better idea?

Only way to do DPOS is to have KYC and 1 person = 1 vote for witnesses, no matter stake held, this is a democratic method used by countries for centuries to elect their leaders etc. That is the only way any DPOS could succeed in my humble opinion. Que the onslaught of "bigger stake = more vote".

Good insight there. For some reason crypto project leaders fail to use this strategy, since they are usually the ones with the top stake and thus control.


Great work and thanks for doing the number crunching on this.
I'm going to add this into my Legal Opinion on HF23 post.



Well look at that...

A nice clear representation of what an absolute, centralised shit-show it is over there!

(Is there anywhere to send STEEM with more than 100 volume at present?)



Huobi could be the option I hear.


Looks like a much better lineup : )

Naaaah!! Witnesses with brains and opinions... the boss finds that inconvenient.


And that's called centralized blockchain

You are absolutly spot on with that theory! He can not even sell his coins or power down, lol. What a shambles

There would be literaly nobody left! What an insecure blockchain.