Animal kingdom: Barnacle

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Into marine lives, we dive. An adventure to talk about a marine creature people talk less or don't talk about at all, the Barnacle.

Part of kingdom animalia, arthropoda phylum, under the class of crustacea, in the order of maxillopoda, the family of thecostraca, and part of cirripedia genus, the Barnacle is a marine creature that is widely spread across the globe as long as there is brackish or salty water body existing in the geographical location.

This creature is omnivorous in nature cos it feeds on plankton and algae.

Barnacles are mostly found in shallow part of marines and circular in nature cos of inability to move on their own. This means they are permanently attached to a substrate that they live on or move freely with water waves.

Their outer shell makes them look like molluscs but they are actually closely related to the likes of crabs and lobsters.

These creatures have amazing lifespan of 12-20 years depending on their environment and exposure to predators.

To identify this marine creature, they vary in colours, ranging from black to white, yellow and cream.

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