Who Are...'THEY'...!?!?!?!?

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This is one of those posts where I have nothing particular in mind to write about, but for some unknown reason, I felt compelled to at least start...??? If I don't finish it, or it makes absolutely no sense, then please accept my apologies in advance.

As a matter of fact; you might benefit by not reading any further than 'THIS' or 'HERE'...whatever is the right terminology. I mean, why waste your time reading this crap, when you can be doing something more meaningful in your life.


So, they say...

Who are THEY...!?!?!? Such a wonderment after we hear an expression like that.

That question pops into my head plenty of times; like I suspect, happens to you as well.

Who DA FREAK is THEY...?!?!?!?!?! (That's what my mind screams at me sometimes) Sometimes my mind is not as cautious and uses the word 'FUCK' instead. Then I have to scowl at myself for thinking in such a profanity laced way...

Yet, what is a thought, anyway? Where does it come from??? Are we truly responsible for our thoughts, or mere victims forced to suffer at the whim of an unseen entity, lurking invisibly within ear-shot or mind-shot...???

Who or what is it behind the thoughts which suddenly seem to appear within our mushy and slimy brain?

I know I'm not the only one who wonders about such things, because I've occasionally stumbled across another with similar pressing, questions rattling around within their skulls...

Usually, when I stumble across a person like this, they are drunk or stoned and laying across the sidewalk. Because I'm so often deep in thought, I don't always notice obstacles like inebriates, or dead bodies laying in my path.

Then...when I trip over them...the thought occurs to me, "why didn't I see them there?" 

Of course I don't know where any of these thoughts come from...they just keep coming and coming and coming... like a horny nymphomaniac of sorts...but not as satisfying.


I warned you peeps not to waste time reading this stupid post, so stop screaming at me; you'll scare the neighbors...!!!

Listen; I'll cut this short right here in order to gather my thoughts and attempt to place them in some kind of rational order, for a future post. One that won't be so wasteful of your time and perhaps even greatly enlightening.

Till then...as THEY say..."tomorrow is another day"... As if we didn't know that already, or needed to be reminded of it...?!?!?!?

Who the HELL are THEY...???

I wish I knew...


Another @AngryMan Trek into the Unknown

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Glad I am not the only one that thinks who are they when they get mentioned about.

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they ? i get your confusion , so let me explain , it all started when NASA nuked the van Allen belts surrounding our planet back in the 50ths .
" They " can be seen as the common human memory/conscious of whole mankind , you know, those voices that seem to pop up inside your head so now and then . The data those voices (they) give come from all humans that live or have ever lived , it is all recorded and saved somewhere to give us guide in common day life true thoughts popping up in our minds . " They " used to be a helpful tool on humanity for keeping a sane view on the world . Some tribes speak of them as there elders that came before them . The wise ones .
But not so more , as the van Allen belts are technically the medium that holds and saves our data , nuking them did us humans no good . "they" got partially disconnected and invention's like radio to 4G , 5G and on did make them very confusing at least . In short , THEY are disconnected .

How i know this all ? did they found a way to let me know ? ..... or did the weed i just smoked made my mind wonder of in pure fantasy ? ... i do not know . Maybe they know , who knows ? ;-)