Not 'ANOTHER" Clovid-19 Friggin Post...!?!?!?!?!?

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I've been fighting this urge to make a Corona Virus post, because I'm so tired of hearing and thinking about it, but to be honest...the friggin subject seems burned into my mind...!!!


What is probably bothering me most, is all the contradictory information being churned out there from so many sources.

It can be 'crazy making', and I think I'm more nuts today than I was yesterday...

We hear that the virus is most dangerous for "young people and Old folk" then, we hear that all the deaths from the disease have been 'senior' citizens.


So...where are all the dead 'kids'???? HUH?!?!?!?!

Then, I heard a report that the virus was "engineered" to attack the bodies of "young men, of military age" worse, in an effort to destroy the Chinese Fighting forces. Supposedly, it has a way of targeting the 'testosterone' hormone...

Oh, yeah...and if you get the virus, then have symptoms go away, get 're-infected', then you definitely will die!!!! These reports, supposedly come straight from the medical community of China.

Is this NUTS or what?!?!?!? WHAT the freak is the truth????

The virus is a biological weapon with origins at MIT in Texas, which was then delivered to some place in Connecticut which in turn was transported to a Lab in Wuhan China by 'three individuals' who are now being held in prison by American Officials...(Another story going around)

But...don't worry, because as soon as the weather gets hot in Summer, the virus will die because 'it can't stand heat'. Yet, expect it to "reappear" when the weather gets "cool again".

Yeah....right.... That story sounds like it came right out of the mouths of the most celebrated minds in the history of the world...!!!

Is it just me who is a little confused, or are you a wee bit corn-fused too?

I can go on with 'more' stories and reports about this Wuhan Virus thing, but I'M NOT...!!!

I'm going to lay down and take a long, long nap...Maybe meditate a little in order to have the Universe deliver the truth about it all to my hungry brain.

See ya when I wake up my friends...If I ever do… Corona might kill me in my sleep; then, I'll never know the truth. Damnit!!!!

Stay well.


Another Rambling Rant by @AngryMan on @SteemPeak March 15, 2020


Hope you have a good nap mate and this virus thing is blown way out of proportion I think.

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Usually these things are blown out of proportion. Every two years here in the USA with "Deadly Flu" epidemic...

a bunch of deliberate disinformation and moronic info mixed with the fact that some of the "elite" can get it but supposedly nobody young yet it's targeted at boomers.......okay then O.o

Yes, I believe that a lot of the disinformation is being deliberately spread and not just by duped or retarded trolls :>) The origins of some propaganda is being created and released by governmental and corporate sources as well.

Very wise to send 37000 troops in to contaminated Europa ,... to play with there toys of destruction while local governments panic over the virus like little screaming girls . is a very wise move for the 'controllers' according to their hidden agendas.

To govern = to control , ment = mind ..... is this the end of the world as we know it ?
Is this the thief in the night that we didn't see coming ?
If it is , that's fine , we didn't deserve any better , we might be the height of civilization , but we are also the weakest in spiritual freedom ever , dumped down living in fear waiting for others to save us . I am off , saving myself , scream at the mountain's for a while , catch a butterfly or something . ;-)

Is this NUTS or what?!?!?!? WHAT the freak is the truth????

Don't worry @angryman! you just need the true infallible barometer to rapidly realize things as they really are.


Everything else is fake & untrusty!!


I like your impactful eloquence my dear friend. :)

Why, thank you for noticing such eloquence and commenting :>)

The kids are calling it boomer remover,...

The Gov. will be saving a lot on 'pension payments' they'll no longer need to provide and 'healthcare' expenses will diminish greatly as well should their wishes come true...

Baah, 300 people die in car wrecks every day,....

They got enough problems with all the govt pensions getting crushed in the markets.
I don't think 'sorry, we lost your money in the market' will keep them from burning down city halls.

I lost 50% of my 401K plan during the 'Tel-Com/Dot-com' fiasco, then another chunk in 2008/09 with other 'staged events' of theft. Of course I won't even bother listing 'other' losses from previous years at the hands of Banker and Government fraudulent activities. I was hoping this 'other' fake monetary system called crypto-currency might help make up for past loses, but it seems that it is just as much a scam for the most part at the moment... maybe I'll start investing in toilet paper? It might be too late for that though :>(

If only,...huh?
I told my dad to buy gold in '06 when it was 250usd, he didn't.
Where would you be if you had lugged around a couple of toolboxes full of 2usd silver?

Its horrible what crapitalism has done.
Better we go full commie, iyam.

Better we go full commie, iyam.

'Commie Communes' never seem to succeed due to 'human nature' (Greed, envy, hate, lust, power seeking...etc.) All that alt. society shit looks good on paper though...and a sometimes interesting read in my opinion.

I think the experiments fail because the crapitalust's wear them down.
How long are you gonna put up with some panty waste eating potatoes you grew all while telling you that you are stupid?

However, in a broader paradigm shift, even panty wastes that we invest more food into than we ever get back in production is both easier to carry, possible to isolate, and has value to his mommy.

We can't predict the future when the model fails, if the model didn't have much chance to begin with.

Until the mind warp that is rocketfella #fakeducation passes from the minds of men, the options we get offered will only come from within the box that is the controlled opposition.

Lol, until the morons read some books from before mk ultra locked down most minds, we have a snowball's chance in hell, IMO.

Yeah there are a whole lotta conspiracy theories out there but I think if a government wanted to manufacture a plague they might go with something that has a better chance of actually killing.

They probably wouldn't release something that powerful if they didn't have a 'key' for yet, unless 'suicide' was part of their plan. Who knows with this one? Supposedly it presents a signature of three different strains which in turn, confuses the defense mechanism of our limbic system.

Thanks for your input @gooddream :>)