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Hello dear friends! Two weeks ago, I cut all the medicinal buds from my medicinal bush. But for the experiment, I left one lower twig, the essence of my experiment was to find out how frost will affect the appearance of the plant and how the properties of smoke will change when smoking. So this morning there was the first severe frost, minus 10 degrees Celsius. I took a camera and went to see what the medicinal buds looked like. This is the first medicinal bush that pleased me for 8.5 months. A decent age for a medicinal plant.

As you can see, the buds have acquired a dark purple color, and if you take into account the snow rim on the bud, then this beauty impressed me. The smell has become softer and weaker. I’ll tell you honestly about how the properties of smoke changed when smoking, the effect remained as strong. At the same time, the effect of the smoke became more fun than before. So now I'm sending my review under the influence of frosty marijuana. It kills me, very much. He-he. My 2019 season ended successfully.

All health and profit.

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Beautiful frosty purple flower. Enjoy.

Thank you!

Thank you!


Love the effort you put into your animated posts. A pretty purple flower indeed

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Thank you very much, glad you liked it.

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