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Hello dear friends!

In today's review we will talk about the house (shell)!?. I have been growing medicinal plants for medical purposes for many years. So, I divide the medicinal bush into three categories.


The first category is the lower medicinal leaves, which have the smallest THC. I use the lower medicinal leaves for the preparation of medicinal milk. Medicinal milk helps me from any pain, but I don’t need to drink it much. Who cares here is the link (

The second category is medicinal buds that have strong THC. Buds are what gardeners want to get as a result of the development of a medicinal plant. I use buds only for smoking. Smoking medicinal plants helps me to cheer up after a hard day.


The third category is the houses of medicinal plants in which seeds ripen. This is the strongest product that gives the most powerful THC. The houses have the strongest taste and the strongest effect.


All health and profit.

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You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Interesting! I learned something new about the medicinal benefits of the seed coats or houses of the seed as you call it.
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