PH Levels

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Today I received a PH Soil tester so i can more accurately see what is going on in the soil, only cost $10 and along with my existing PH meter i use when watering it should be all-good
This can test the following

  • PH of soil
  • Moisture of soil
  • Light the plant is getting

The below shows around 6.7 so today's watering was at 6.2 to try & drag the PH back to around 6.5

I brought 2 so i can let anyone else borrow one, i also need to buy another one of these. This picture is from a couple fo weeks back, today i had 6.2

Another week of Vege then i will start some low stress training on the girls

all pics are mine

i am @dr-autoflower

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What an awesome tool!

yeah man its going great - i just gave on of my girls ph water of 6.0 due to the soil being higher than 7.0, that will drag the soil back into range

cheap too

I have one of these, I use mine mostly to see the moisture level in the soil.

nice, i will be using that feature as well :)