New Harvard Study Expands on Connection Between Pain and Cannabis

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A recent cannabis study from harvard supports the notion that cannabis might be effective when trying to find treatment options that might help individuals to manage their chronic pain.

They saw that increased THC exposure had pain-related improvements in subjects, and they also noted that a CBD increase had connected with an improved mood for subjects too.

Over 90% of patients want cannabis instead

Previous studies and surveys have found that a great deal of patients today are turning to cannabis, either THC or CBD products, to try and help with pain and more. A majority of patients also prefer to try cannabis over other opioid and pharmaceutical options too, when trying to manage their pain, past research has found.

Despite everything we know about how patients prefer cannabis and have reported seeing improvement from using it, there is still a long way to go. Cannabis remains federally criminalized and today there are millions who do not have lawful access to cannabis and if they try to medicate with this product then they turn themselves into a criminal.

The government shouldn't be in the business of telling people what they can put into their bodies. It is a cruel policy for the government to refuse cannabis access to patients that are significantly struggling with pain and other symptoms, if there is the possibility that something simple and natural like cannabis could help.


Cannabis is a medicine.
Cannabis has healing powers.
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I just watched ads from the 90's of ocycontin being advertised as "non habit forming".

Now that tens of thousands dead they will do some research on natural remedies.