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Hi Weedcashers & Steemians,

Today i want to Share some pictures of my own plants that i had last year in and around my house.
This first pictures is of my white widow plants they were grown outside and with out any stimulation or chemical products!
100% #naturalmedicine & 100% #naturalproducts

This two plants i got from my friend i really didn’t know what kind of strain he give me so it was a nice suprise that it was a Lemon haze it took me a long time to grow this two..

Here are my two sativa plants Beautiful color.
These i had in the house last Summer lovely taste just great!


These two tubes i bought at it is CBD & THC Oil very strong and 100% natural and i was so high from this like i started smoking for the first time it was the same feelings.

This is Chicka a proud high member of the family!

Thanks for Reading my Sunday weed blog posted on Esteem..

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Naughty Cat 🐈😅
Do you also use the leafs of the plants?

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Hi, Yes is do i will make hash out of it.
Thnx for the comment.

Beautiful i used to cook it with coconutoil, very strong
leuke avond voor jou

Dankjewel vriend👍

Absolutely Gorgeous!
Beautiful Plants,
Very Healthy Looking -
Have An Awesome Sunday!!!

Thank you very much and enjoy your weekend!