Medicinal Cannabis (Information)

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Medicinal cannabis is cannabis that patients use as prescription medication. Some also refer to this as mediwiet. Medicinal cannabis is available on doctor's prescription as a remedy for (nerve) pain, inflammation and spasms.

There are different types of medicinal cannabis, under the names Bedrocan, Bedrobinol, Bediol, Bedica and Bedrolite. These varieties differ in strength and composition. As a result, operation and application are also different. There are indications that cannabis with a high CBD content (including Bediol) works well against pain and spasms, for example in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). It also seems to work well against inflammatory responses. Cannabis with mainly THC (Bedrocan, Bedica and Bedrobinol) is especially effective in conditions such as Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome, therapy-resistant glaucoma and in complaints such as weight loss, nausea and vomiting.

The effect of medicinal cannabis varies from person to person. That is why the doctor determines in consultation with the patient:

Which variety is most suitable
How much he needs at a time and per day
How he takes the medicinal cannabis.
Clinical research into the effects of CBD in psychiatry, oncology and neurology, among other things, should broaden knowledge about the therapeutic effects of CBD.

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In the nineties of the last century, the then Minister of Health Els Borst thought that patients who took cannabis out of the coffee shop for medical reasons should be offered an alternative without the risk of contamination. That is why the Medicinal Cannabis Agency (BMC) was established in 2000. BMC takes care of the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and pays particular attention to the quality of cultivated cannabis. The Opium Act contains provisions that state that the government provides sufficient cannabis for medical purposes and research. In September 2003, medicinal cannabis became available for the first time in the pharmacy.

Extensive information about the use of medicinal cannabis is available in the patient brochure of the Office for Medicinal Cannabis.

In 2016, the number of dispensations of medicinal cannabis rose sharply because, in addition to the dried variant, the pharmacy also made available prescription medical cannabis oil. The number of dispensations of cannabis oil represents almost half of all medical dispensations by pharmacies and in 2017 comes to 26,000 dispensations. The number of dispensations of dried flower (floss) variants will decrease by 10% in 2017 and will fall to around 27,000.

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