RE: Making a script to get updates when your voting power is 100% Part 01


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Fortunately, voting-power replenishment follows a strict timeline. That means each time you check an account's voting power, you know exactly how long, at the earliest, the voting power will reach 100% (or whatever threshold the user wants you to check). Then, you can check back at that specific time. If no voting activity has occurred in the meantime, then the threshold will have been met and you can send the notification. If any voting activity has occurred, then you will know exactly when to check back again.

You will need to decide how soon after the notification is made (i.e. the threshold has been met) before you check back again. I suppose that could be a user-selected configuration. For instance, if the user sets that at 1 hour, then they will get a notification as soon as their VP reaches 100% and then every hour thereafter, unless and until they cast a new vote.

You might also consider tracking Resource Credits as well.