Crypto, Fire and War: The New Frontier's Edge (Opinion)

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Further war turmoil will likely lead to choppier and choppier conditions in crypto and stocks. A world ravaged by the plague turns its attention to Ukraine's conflict with Russia, the US and NATO.

Where is the world headed, having barely summoned a courage to deal with life under countless mandates and COVID-era resource constraints?

The possibility of China involvement in the current theatre on a global scale increases daily while no resolution seems easy for Russia-to-Ukraine nor Russia-to-US nor Russia-to-NATO. Based on these unpredictable elements, Bitcoin drop of 10% or more becomes more likely, and levels of 28K or lower are even more likely.

On the possibility of more adoption of BTC, exchange to national currencies remains a serious consideration for most crypto users. If SWIFT begins preventing transactions for nations like Russia, the exchange of funds to national currencies becomes complicated by geopolitical obstacles. Already, the overtures of higher gas prices, and tit-for-tat sanction spats are forming into full blown reactions.


War is ahead, it seems, and no positive outcome for BTC, ETH, NFT market at large, and especially for traditional stocks.

Positive rallies can be expected to be shorter, faster paced and more lukewarm than anything. NFT hype and crypto ICO hype is replaced by fear, shock, disturbances, unease and an air of uncertainty to everything financial and national.

War in Turkey earlier last year proved two points: warfare on the ground (tanks, vehicles on ground, troop deployments) is no longer a proper use of military resources in this decade.

Like the bow and arrow which was replaced by various mechanical arms, troop deployments, tanks and armored vehicles may have outlived their usefulness from a strategic, offensive standpoint.

Drones are king, and beyond drones, all manner of aerial weapons and air based artillery. Decision making, long relegated to human operators, is now in the hands algorithms commonly referred to as AI. Faster, trained better than humans, drone swarms can eliminate massive troop deployments with precision and brutality not seen by this generation.

drone battle.PNG

Ukraine's effective elimination of Russian ground deployments cinches this argument and teaches all rulers, if anyone of them still need convincing. If there is a war, this war will be fought in a new way and multitudes will not be the key tipping point upon the real landscape of war today.