How is My work on Frontend Programming?

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Well, as I've written in some previous posts, my other profession, besides photography, is programming. More specifically, I'm a front end developer or trying to be one...

Trying, because I know there's still a lot for me to learn. I still have some difficulties that need to be resolved with regard to the code. It's not easy, but I'm persistent.

Currently, I have been having an everyday "sweaty" when it comes to my job search as a developer. It's not easy. There are many vacancies, but the requirements asked by companies are ridiculous.

Today I have been concentrating on studying ReactJS, React Native (to develop mobile applications) and NodeJS. I believe here is the foundation for a frontend, web developer.

Regarding work, I'm doing small jobs on a freelance basis and I believe that here is my way.

Good Weekend Everyone!

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Opá! Se há um skill que eu sei que nunca vou dominar é desenho e programming heheh

Prazer , ler teus artigos de novo.