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By 2021, to great anger and a growing community of followers, a new term has suddenly entered the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is expected to continue to exist. It is the phrase play to win, which translates into Spanish as "play to win", and specifies a new business model based on video games, the collection of digital tokens and the creation of a self-sufficient digital economy.

Yes, in short, this sounds like the future of the entertainment market. Participants are likely to not only have fun, but can also generate income from the time they spend on the plot, the assets they acquire, and the capital they invest in. If you are interested in games like Axie Infinity, Plants vs Undead, Cryptoblades or Alien Word, give some examples.


To fully understand the paradigm shift that gaming represents, it is necessary to go back to the traditional video game industry. It could not be determined exactly when the first video game was released. Some experts believe it dates back to the 1950s, although since the 1970s, the industry has increasingly become associated with classic games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros., and Pac-Man.

The business model at the time was simple: Consumers bought products that allowed them to play games (consoles, controllers, games) or paid to use video game consoles (arcade). The player invests his money in entertainment and usability in return.

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes play and win games from other products in the entertainment industry is that they can identify and determine player ownership of objects in the virtual world.

Thanks to the blockchain address, you can track the assets bought, sold and protected by the participants in the game to make money. In other words, I can tell that Player X, for example, has 1,000 coins, 5,000 platform tokens, and 12 potions to strengthen his character. Since all of these assets are known to belong to player X, you can trade them as your own assets or freely trade with other users.

I'll give an example. We have a fighting game where the characters must complete various tasks to level up. Every time you win a battle, your character will try to accumulate a certain amount of swords, potions and even points to help him improve his abilities. All these items belong to you because you are the owner of the address/account to which these items belong, so you can use them to earn money.

Players can turn to the open person-to-person (P2P) market to sell their swords in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Also, as I mentioned before, you may want to promote some of your roles because they are unique or have reached a certain level. Since the community pursues the same goal, nothing more than winning the game or becoming the best, few participants want to acquire certain items to improve their skills on the platform.


For some reason, I believe we've barely scratched the surface of the play to earn aspect of crypto. VR will revolutionize a lot of things.

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