My new post format!

in #vyblast year (edited)

Hi everyone! Malcolm (aka @ligayagardener) here with another post. I've decided to commit a lot more time to blogging on Hive. I may even be able to make a small income from it and pay a bill or two. Who knows?

To make my posts look a little more slick and attractive, I've been working on a format for my posts that includes visual links to my favourite communities, those through which I'll be posting most of my posts.

Of course, the text will go in above the logos.

One thing that I seem to be running into a problem with is adjusting the size of the images for the community logos. I've been scratching my head and looking online for techniques for doing it through markdown but none of them have worked today. Do you have any ideas or tips about doing it,please let me know, I'd like to see them a bit smaller.

Is it good? Have I overdone it? Would you be happy to see it? Let me know what you think!