Do you have a VR headset?

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I have been messing around with the Oculus Quest 2 and was wondering who else got one.

You can add me under AltSpace VR as themarkymark, already found a few Hive users in there getting ready for HiveFest.

You can also use AltSpace VR in 2D mode on a computer.


We have an older occulus, the occulus rift I believe.
What is Altspace VR? Do you like it?

AltSpace VR is where HiveFest will be.

It is an app where you can have events where someone talks on stage, do performances, have psuedo vr parties, or play games. It's one of a few VR apps that does virtual meet ups.

Cool! When?

Uh, no I don't have a VR headset. I am visually impaired (blind in one eye) and they just don't work for me. I wish they did...

Nope, I don’t have :) If you have problems with vestibular apparatus should I use it?

Hi there, I suspect you should use it sitting down just in case. With vision occluded and your visual system telling your brain you are moving, that could upset your balance.
If your vestibular system is under-sensitive I would expect you to have less problems with motion sickness than most, since you are not actually moving. However if you are over-sensitive and prone to motion sickness, the mixed signal VR gives you cause you to feel nauseated. I get this effect mildly when I use it, and prefer slow paced games/environments.
If you have any concerns about seizures, don't use it.

Thank you for the valuable reply :)

I am not sure about this to be honest.
There are a lot of settings you can change to affect how the motion feels.
You can also use AltSpace VR in 2D mode without a headset.

@themarkymark Thanks! I will try it :)

The only ones I've tried are Google Cardboard and a brief play on an HTC system at work. I remember when the early systems came out that were really cumbersome and really expensive. It's getting down to affordable now. I doubt Cardboard works with AltSpace VR, but it can be quite effective with the apps I've tried and only costs a few bucks.