Unbiased NordVPN Review by Somebody Working in the Field

in #vpnslast year

Probably the only time NordVPN is ever mentioned without being paid for before hand. Jokes aside though, I've used NordVPN up until the last month or so ago, for the past three years. If you can get past the poor video quality, I think you may find it useful to watch this before considering NordVPN.

To summarize my thoughts: Nord is alright (it does what it's advertised to do, and I got it at a fair price thanks to a Modern Rogue discount code), but it has occasional speed issues, lacks some useful features, and has had a few hiccups regarding security. If you watch this review and still think it meets your needs then go for it - it's not a bad product - but there is a lot of competition in the market and in my opinion there are many potential better options.

Also, stay tuned for a review on AirVPN, which I have switched to.

You can thank Admiral Bob for the awesome background music 'Isolation Swing' licensed CC-A


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