You have a great life IN SPITE of Political States, not BECAUSE of them

in #voluntaryism3 years ago

You have a wonderful life due to the great advancements in physical sciences, not because of anything else. Specially governments or Bureaucrats.

Most of us in this planet (Including third world countries), experience a high quality of life as compared to two centuries back. We have ready made foods, cars, access to energy and information networks, and general good health. All of these mentioned items cone from developments in science. Agricultural, technology and combustion engines make large scale farming possible. Internal Combustion engines specially have given man the power hundreds of horses at the demand of one finger. Physicist, scientist, innovators, business men and capitalist are the Prime Movers of the world. The world moves by people that innovate, seize capital opportunities, and ultimately control Capital. I have heard it argued before, that we owe our civilization to the Rule of Law and the politicians. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Bureaucrats and Politicians are some of the less contributing individuals on the planet. Their only purpose is to maintain and system of control on taxation and mental slavery. Even the things that they propose, like free education and free health, is not possible by their saying so alone. 80% of the planet can agree the access to cost less education up to college is CORRECT IDEA. The only thing you need to make that happen is teachers, some infrastructure and community patronage. ALL things that naturally happen without anyone having to say, we need to tax you to pay for that. Costs must be covered, that is a fact. It is a FALLACY to think that government is the only way to do it.
Voluntary individual and community, and protection of private property undergirds civilization as we know it today. Innovators, business men, and investors have always been the Prime Movers of the world. Most of the systems that ADD VALUE to our lives today are come from the minds Prime Movers who gladly to their work for selfish and pure reasons. My definition for a Bureaucrat is:

An individual that pretends to regulate something, that never needed to be regulated and that would otherwise be better off without their involvement.

End of rant…