The Aesthetics of Virtual Light

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Divinity: Original Sin 2

Video games are not considered a form of art the way a Picasso or a Da Vinci is perceived. Video games are thought of as frivolous entertainment, pop art at best, not worthy of serious intellectual consideration. In my view, however, video games and similar interactive creations are the most advanced form of art in existence and worthy of study. In terms of visual production, a single video game contains more art than any previous artistic era- with a few added bonuses. It is art that you can create on the fly, interact with it, experience it with multiple senses. The video game design becomes a tangible reality. And you, as a player, become a part of that design, a participant in the broad digital strokes that make your own reality a work of art.


Living your life like a work of art

If you could live inside a work of art, which one would you choose?

No, this is not a trick question.



Perhaps you have a cheery disposition and would love to enter the joyful fields of Van Gogh sunflowers and starry heavens; maybe you’re the gloomy type who would love nothing better than to stroll up to a bridge and shout out a Munchian scream; maybe you’re the kind that likes to be tickled and would be thrilled to melt in the carnal folds of a Dalian dream.



Video games give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of art. You can live in far out visions of the future or in adventurous scenes of an alternate past. Every frame is a masterpiece. No, they will not grace the art houses of Europe, no one will forge them, or give them any awards for their artistic genius. But make no mistake, video games are some of the most powerful forms of artistic expression at our disposal. They show us what reality can be when we decide to live it as art. I look forward to the day, Goddess willing, when all reality around me becomes an artistic expression, an open world splashed with the aesthetics of virtual light.



All screengrabs by @litguru


I have always thought of video games as worlds in which you can live too, but I did not consider the artistic side(not consciously at least). And your closing thoughts on living in an endless artistic world - I think metaverse and VR tech will bring is pretty close to it. That is why it is exciting to me but most people seem to think it will replace reality....

Thank you @lavista! The pace of current technological change is astounding. I think that we're in the early stages of the virtualization of reality. Games like Pokemon Go and Ingress give us a taste of what the future holds. Quite a few companies are advancing VR, AR, and MR, so the future looks exciting to me. There might even come a time when you don't need a phone or head-sets to experience virtual objects. Holograms come to mind but there might be other systems as well.

Yup, holograms might be the ultimate goal or we might be completely wrong about it! It sure is an exciting time to be in!

"Hologram designer" would be an excellent job title. games are some of the most powerful forms of artistic expression at our disposal.

😞 Now I feel odd because I do not play video games. But I may dabble into them when I have more time on my hands.

Your beautiful description of the kind of world it would be if we lived in video games is exciting because my imagination is active already. Game makers express their fantastical desires through their games.

Great post! !PIZZA ☺️

Thank you @kemmyb!

There are some extremely fascinating games and not all of them require shooting. Some of them emphasize the story like the game called What Remains of Edith Finch

Some games emphasize aesthetics

Others focus on cooperation

It is easy to get sucked into a game though. As with everything, moderation is key. :)

Some games emphasize aesthetics

Yes, I see what you mean. These short clips are lovely, the visual effects just pulls you in. Can one earn with these, especially What Remains of Edith Finch? I believe they can be played only on pc, right?

You cannot earn, unfortunately. I use the STEAM games platform on Windows. They have many great games and constant sales. I put the games in my wishlist and then get notified when they're on sale. The Edith Finch game had a marvelous and emotionally intense story. Happy gaming!


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