Unboxing of the Onyx BOOX Nova 2 in my new recording studio!

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What’s up, Steemit! I was suppose to receive my delivery of the Onyx BOOX Nova 2 this afternoon. It ended up arriving a day early, and as badly as I wanted to tear it open, I decided to finish my new recording studio so I could do a proper unboxing video. After hanging a dozen antique picture frames, digging up my tripod and LAV mic, I was ready to rip in to this new device.

Here’s a little backstory. Months ago, I bought the Onyx Nova Pro; a 7.8” inch e-reader. What brought me to this piece of technology was a hope to set up an e-ink typewriter, more or less. @lovejoy and I are both trying to write our first novels with a deadline of June 30th. The biggest obstacle I’m trying to overcome is the distraction that comes with the network connected computer. I also want a killer e-book reader, and this checks all those boxes. I’ve paired it with a Logitech Keys-To-Go low profile keyboard and a collapsable stand I bought on Amazon for $9.

This first unboxing video is just a test of the new studio space and you’re all my beta testers. I’m pretty happy with how this all turned out, especially after a week of work cleaning, painting, hanging and organizing. The desk in this shot was picked up yesterday afternoon in the middle of a thunderstorm, near snowy weather and a pandemic, so if anything, it’s a testament to my commitment to see projects through. Enjoy.

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The feels of your studio definitely fits the way you photograph.
Great work! <3