Yes There Are Blockchains Without Our Principles

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Centralised Blockchains



Decentralised. Free. Open source. Anti-establishment. Financial freedom. Freedom of speech. Anonymity. Privacy. Trustlessness. These are some of the buzz words we've become very accustomed to in the blockchain scene.

This is no surprise. Many, if not most, pioneers of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are from the Libertarian, woe-unto-the-government, schools of thought. These ideas permeate the design and ecosystems of many blockchain projects.

Not all projects subscribe to all of these principles though. Since the technology itself is politics agnostic, it can be used by anyone to solve problems. That's exactly what's happening. So even though Bitcoin was designed, in a way, to liberate the common citizen from the strongholds of the establishment financial engines, the technology it wields can also be employed by said organisations.

Many big banks, governments, corporations, e.t.c., some of which have poo-poo'd crypto in the past have now embraced it. I don't mean that they've come to terms with the core principles of Bitcoin, but rather, they've seen the writing on the wall and have moved to mitigate it. Not only that, they've also implemented the technology to resolve some of their own ongoing shortcomings.

Sorry about the word salad. I think I do a slightly better job in the video explaining what I mean.

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