Be Afraid, Be Really Afraid Of The Cylons

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Creating The Cylon



I considered posting this via DSound because it's very much an audio product as it is a video product. I decided against it after watching it back myself. I think some people might find value in the visual slides I used in the presentation, so here we are.

The parallel sciences of Cylonhood

I have generalised and categorised the entire world of science and technology that is bringing the cylons to life into three.

  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio-Synthetics

The rates of advancement of these fields, each of which started independently and developed in parallel, have been quite staggering. The convergence of these three fields into one, which is starting to happen, makes for a creepy future.

More serious is the AI code, which appear harmless until there comes such a time when it becomes self-replicating and self-improving. With the infinite connectivity offered by the Internet, there is now virtually unlimited processing power and memory represented by our Internet-connected devices.

I'm not the only one freaked out by this stuff. Periodically, notable people, including Ivy League minds of philosophy, science and mathematic have warned about AI and the potential doom it may bring the human race. There's the obvious replacement of manual labourers by factory robots, but this goes way deeper than that. Even financial investors are waking up to the threat.

See what Elon Musk has to say about DeepMind, an AI company based in London, acquired by Google a few years ago. Their products are geared directly at defeating humans intellectually!

Isaac Asimov, of iRobot fame, tried to warn us about the logical conclusion of all this stuff with his Rules of Robotics. A lot of his utterances were relegated to the realm of science fiction, or even ridiculed as are most people who think that far ahead of their era.

So while we're all busy fighting each other, there is coming a time when we will have a much, much bigger problem of our own making, unless we take steps now to redirect the end product to something less adversarial to humanity.

Are you afraid yet? You should be.

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