What can the unvaccinated do to protect themselves from the vaccinated?

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Interesting to see that vaccines "as contagious as viruses" were being discussed back in 2017.

I would like to remind you in this moment that all mainstream media is centralised and they only tell us about things like this on a need-to-know basis, i.e. long after the technology has been deployed.

It is no longer about whether or not you've had the vaccine but whether or not you've been 'infected' by someone else who has.

More and more I am seeing evidence that this gene therapy experiment (incorrectly referred to as a vaccine) creates something in the body which is actually contagious.

I recently joined a bunch of FB groups for anyone wanting to share vaccine side-effects, just to get a sense for that which the MSM does not show us. One of them here

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 15.31.55.png

Scanning down the thousands of horrible things yesterday I noticed a bunch of people talking about how they got sick after hugging someone who had been vaccinated. There were other more advanced discussions around the subject of transmission or "shedding" of the spike protein, which would indeed make a "vaccinated" person contagious.

This led me to these five respected doctors who address the subject in detail and look too at the growing number of unvaccinated women who are experiencing extreme reactions in their reproductive organs after coming into contact with vaccinated people. Period pains like they've never had before and excessive bleeding at the wrong time of month.

Long have I been aware of the depopulation agenda so this doesn't really surprise me and now that technology has been merged with nature, pandora's box is truly open.

And my question remains, what can the unvaccinated do to protect themselves from the vaccinated?

Does anyone from the @naturalmedicine community have any suggestions?

Final thought... please make sure to take a quality chill pill and dance like you mean it for at least ten minutes a day, being sure to count your blessings at every opportunity!

Love & Light everyone 🌱



Hello samstonehill to answer your question "What can the unvaccinated do to protect themselves from the vaccinated ?"

The first thing is to keep our immune system healthy with fresh and good food and water, Exercise, restorative sleep, no stress, positive attitude, meditation and supplements. Natural supplements like vitamine C + vit D3 + Zinc.
Do not buy the supplements with additifs because they use toxic ingredients and it may be worse than the cure toxic ingredients

For the vaccinated I watched this video from Dr Judith MIKOVITZ where she talks about suramin as an antidote

Hello there! Sorry to have missed your comment till now and I deeply appreciate your answer. All great advice. Thank you :)

Why does that link to rok-sivante's post link to steemit? oO

For some reason he did not post the article here on hive. I have dropped him a line to ask why...

Ah, great! Much appreciated :)

That did seem strange.

He did xD

It's a matter of grave concern, how the numbers have spiked up since the vaccination drives have started, but that is being termed as the second wave and vaccination is being further pushed mentioning it is the only way out. I would never want to take one, but I am in a foreign land and I have to keep travelling on and off home back to India, I am only concerned if they make it mandatory to travel then how to tackle it. Anyways I am hoping that at majority when they achieve their targets they would slow down, and the other benefit right now is the shortage of vaccines, which keeps us safe. But yes nevertheless I am working on keeping myself healthy. I am also trying to look out for solutions that for any reason if I have to take it then how to nullify the effect of it from the body. Till now the answer is hopeless but I still will keep searching on this part of it.

I think you will be able to travel for some time yet without a vaccine, though they will of course make it difficult.

Please let me know if you find any information about how to stay safe! Like you I have family who do not understand what is happening and they have been injected. This is hard to accept but it will be harder to accept that my children will never play with their grandparents again.

Hi man, just reading up on the possible contagion from vaxxed ones, here in Scotland they have epic 5G in place, and I get feelings from it every now and then.. I'm thinking that it will all go together, the contaminated pcr kits and masks, the 5G, the fear, the vax, they gone all out!!

It's all a bit nuts hey. Sorry to hear about your deportation but you seem to be dealing with it amazingly well. I watched your vid from the hotel prison.

Scotland does at least have some decent countryside to hide in still? Bit cold for my taste though. And from what I understand about the weather we have ahead of us, it won't be getting any warmer as the years roll by.

The offer to come join us here is still very much open!

No 5G around here ;)

Hi man! I'm finding it borderline to not let the mind go nuts and start getting depressed to be honest!

The options are running low but I have concidered your place in my options 👍👍 I will do a 98mile hike soon and do some time off of devices, and get away from the 5G for a while. It's insane how so called anarchists have suddenly started to trust government and can't seem to grasp how they are connected to for example, big farmer and Bill gates😂

The mind job has been effective even on those who don't watch TV.

Enjoy the hike! I could do with one of those myself.

Thanks matey 👍 did you ever get involved with Freedomcells yet?

I did get involved for a while but noticed their website wasn't working some time ago so stopped thinking about it. Appreciate the nudge because I have figured out the new site and just created a profile now.

The site feels pretty new still with some features not working yet. And no cell locator map like the previous site? Love the concept though and feel like freedomcells will only grow and grow. I see they even have their own token now!

Update! freedomcells.org is working again and apparently I've signed up with freedomcells.net which is a scam site designed specifically to take our log in details and see if they fit any crypto hodling sites! Nuts.

What the hell!! If your on telegram we have many FC groups 😁

I will take a chill pill instead. I just hope it does not contain sugar.

I enjoy the spicy combination of a little wisdom & a little chill. And I certainly have no fear of sugar anymore ;)

Seriously. I take extra sugar these days.

All the best to you Vincent!

It sure seems like your messages have become sweeter these days!

jk haha! although...

Sugar, unfortunately, seems to give me allergic reactions these days. Headache, stomach issues, itches. Working on that.

Good vibes right back at ya and congratz with your new tool. I am also getting closer and closer to abundance myself!

That sucks with the sugar intolerance!

It was @sebcam who put me onto the idea recently, that processed sugar is actually not as bad for us as we've been led to believe. It's just the crap which it tends to be mixed with (in baking or sweets) which is bad for us. He recommends extra sugar for everyone! Hence the comment ;)

Great to hear of that abundance brother! Are you in Portugal?

I think it is crazy that they, Whoever "they" are can just decide that we are human trials even when we don't want to be part of it. plus people just sit back and allow it.

If only people really understood what was happening. I think many choose not to understand because to comprehend what is happening today is to accept that we are dispensable slaves. Which is not so easy for people to do!

Yes, this is the latest concern, on top of 5 or 6 other major problems with the "vaccination" rollout.
One thing I know for sure, masks aren't going to stop whatever is causing this transmission.
Social distancing is likely at least somewhat effective. After all, people aren't getting heavy periods from being a mile away from vaccinated people, they're getting heavy periods from being in the same room as vaccinated people. Distance matters, we just don't know how much yet.
Pretty much just staying away from them as much as possible is my strategy for now. Which is disturbing because my whole family is pro-vaxx. Not that I've seen them in a couple years anyway (they don't like my activism or cannabis use). This is just one more thing that will keep us apart. Even though we live in the same town, I've hugged my parents for the last time, I know that. I hope the same isn't true of my 2 children, who are kept apart from me by their mother. The state long ago took away my permit to operate a vehicle, but even if I could drive, and if my ex wasn't keeping us apart, they've got literal roadblocks up between my kids and I. I've felt like I live in prison for many years. I wonder if the other prisoners are starting to notice as well? Or will they die licking the boot?

This is just one more thing that will keep us apart

I feel this intensely. But we must keep our chin up, right!

As always it is about our focus of attention. Many things can get us down in this world so it is better to focus on that which makes us feel good. Like my new Plenty which arrived yesterday!


I never really had spare money in my life before so I am still in heaven at the prospect of simply buying things when I want them! It's a beautiful feeling :)

And almost three weeks with no tobacco now!

Good riddance nicotine addiction!!!!

Haha, well I'm happy for you! I don't know what a Plenty is, but it looks like a blast! Is that the vaporizer you mentioned before? 3 weeks without tobacco (especially "legalized" tobacco) is awesome, congrats.

I agree with a focus on happy things. And I've never found anything wrong with hedonism in that seeking good things and avoiding painful things is natural and generally healthy. Everything in moderation, of course. And I don't seek hedonism just for myself, but for all conscious beings. Maximizing the positive experiences for everyone and minimizing the negative experiences for everyone, should be our goal, in my current limited understanding. :) Peace.

My research tells me The Plenty is the best vape money can buy.

And I am impressed! Reminds me of a black and decker tool ;)

I only put homegrown green in it. Though I am also growing tobacco and am pretty excited to have a little puff on that at the end of the season!

Maximizing the positive experiences for everyone and minimizing the negative experiences for everyone, should be our goal

Am with you on that one. And to achieve that goal sometimes we must share information which does not make us feel good in the moment.

Do they want zombies? cause that's how you get zombies...

Funnily enough I think that is exactly what they want!


Sam, I had a look at the study that was "translated into English" by an unknown source, and then posted by rocksivante. The unknown source asked readers to disregard the study, and trust his translation of it, because the study is long and complicated. Well, I went and read (skimmed) it, and right away found where the person went wrong. They mistranslated "study intervention" (which actually refers to the so-called vaccine) to "vaccine test subject". This caused a number of cascading incorrect assumptions and misunderstandings because everything was based on that error.

I do believe something is going on here with transmission of side effects to unjabbed people, but that post isn't evidence of that, and in fact appears to be spreading disinfo that could discredit our cause.

Just my take, please let me know what you think. No offense is meant to anyone. Thanks :)

Thank you brother.

I saw your comment and followed your logic. And I was a little surprised at @rok-sivante 's response to your suggestion which certainly appears justified on the surface. Perhaps he was just tired after dealing with the other chap who challenged him? I enjoyed the way he was able to end that conversation amicably.

You mentioned you believed the unsourced author in his post doesn't have much experience reading scientific literature and that this is "standard wording" so am I right in thinking you do have experience reading these kind of documents?

Enough experience to know 'the author' is categorically wrong (or trying to mislead), yeah. My wife and I have a 10 year history of researching online, using source data from experiments, and reading original studies in full. Her cancer, and our activism, both lead to a lot of research. We also create and run various projects, like Power to the Patients, which involves dozens of hours of research (mostly reading studies and scientific journal articles) per video. My favourite is episode 8, Cannabis CURES Cancer, which I may have mentioned to you before. :) @MediKatie herself took courses in research methodology as part of her degree. Before I met her, I was in nursing for 10 years, specializing in psychiatry and the elderly. I did a fair bit of research as a nurse and in nursing school. Before that I did 4 years of general biology courses at SFU. I'll spare you the details unless you inquire further, but it seemed you were looking for some qualifications? To me, it's self-evident just reading the difference between Pfizer's document and the interpretation of 'the author'. (Do we know who wrote that stuff, by the way?)

When I get a sec I'll see what I can dig up on this spike protein transmission from injected people to uninjected people. Please let me know if you find anything substantial and I'll do the same. I'm sure some excellent Hivers are working on posts about it as we speak, also! If there's something going on with this, it won't be long before we have some solid info on the blockchain!

There are so many angles to all this. I wish I was permitted to operate a vehicle, I'd get myself to Lytton (about 3 hours away from me) to interview Doctor Hoffe about his patients getting sick from the Moderna shot, and then being silenced when he blew the whistle! Alas, my ex believes I owe her a lot of fiat currency, and our government is keen to enable her to take away my passport, driver's licence, bank accounts, and more, in order to make it impossible for me to conduct my business, to bring in fiat currency to give her. It isn't legal, but she uses my debt to her to keep my 2 teens from seeing me, or even reading my letters. My parents hate divorce, and they also hate activists, and they also hate cannabis users, so that explains why I have no support from my family anymore. My Grama was the only one who had my back, and ultimately, I was the only one who had hers. I cared for her until she died 5 years ago, at which point my health fell to pieces. That has made it very hard to work and make money to pay the bills, let alone to activism, but we struggle on. I wish I could do more, though, like interview Dr. Hoffe!

EDIT: This is the most recent video I can find on this topic, and it's by 2 of the 5 doctors we heard speak about it a couple weeks ago (Larry Palevsky and Sherri TenPenny). Larry says that Pfizer knew about risks surrounding pregnancy during the trials. The whole thing is worth watching. I'll keep looking for more on this.

Thanks for the confirmation. And also for sharing your story. You certainly haven't had it easy. But you are evidently a decent human being and mustn't beat yourself up for not being able to do more. We can only do our best with what we have. My biggest battle is time. Even as I write these words I must be somewhere else...

Happy to see you have some Hive in your wallet! This will alleviate some of your fiat concerns at the end of the cycle.

Thanks Sam :)
The HIVE I have is the culmination of 10 years of advocating for cryptos and full-time content creation, plus the efforts of my wife part time, and several models who contributed to our projects. It's everything I have in the crypto world, other than a crumb of BTC, and some Library coins with are rapidly approaching zero. So I truly hope I'm able to take advantage of the coming rise. I currently have no known method of turning my HIVE into something tangible, but pathways are always being built, so who knows what will be available when the time is right?

I would work on getting that method in place now. These things can take time.

What about the usual route via Binance, selling your hive for btc?

Am pretty sure Binance can connect directly with your bank these days.

Personally I use uphold.com for the conversion process but tend to avoid btc as it is expensive to move out of Binance.

Sound advice! I've sort of been trying for years now, really. I'm always on the lookout for options out there which fit my needs. I'm pretty good with computers and the internet in general, but I have no technical/coding abilities. Also, by choice I'm unsmart. I'm also unbanked, so no PayPal or credit cards either. I know it's a tall order. At times I've almost given up, but what am I going to do with 14k HP it took years of full-time effort to accumulate? I put all my crypto holdings into STEEM at the peak (when you sold, I think). As the years have gone by, services and bridges between various platforms and exchanges have been created (and most lost). At this point I feel like I'd better hurry up and get something tangible out of the whole thing, before it's just a bunch of video game gold pieces, a high score in some old gaming system no longer used. I know, crypto is the future... but is it my future? Not sure.

As for Binance specifically, it has been a while since I trying using it. I forget what prevented it from being workable for me. Things change... maybe it's time I try again?

Sounds like you and I are very similar in this respect. I've not had a bank account or credit card since 2013 so was very grateful to discover crypto in 2016. For the crypto/fiat process I have no choice but to use Sabrina's account, as I am blacklisted (and proud of it!). I set up a dedicated account for her with a UK bank called Revolut because they don't ask too many questions. Using uphold.com I am able to convert my crypto savings to spendable Euros in her account in just a few minutes.

I only recommend this route if you trust your partner ;)

Something worth noting however is that in the future we will be taxed on our crypto/fiat conversions. It is therefore preferable to spend it as crypto. Ideally as Monero or one of the other privacy coins!

Hey Sam, how's your week going?
I got around to reading more of that 2020 Pfizer document, and did a post on it.
I'd greatly value your opinion on it if you get a chance!

Checking now...

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Appreciated :)

Ya it seems the narrative is getting further and further embedded in heads - I'm finding the gap between me and friends/family (not all) growing wider, the common ground receding. We've all experienced it I guess, the certainty in the MSM narrative and the refusal to engage in an enquiry rather than a draining debate or scoffing dismissal.

Right, so WTF can the unjabbed do in the face of the possibility outlined in this post?

I don't know. I can only go back to what I consider to be first principles (as I see them):

  • dis-ease is triggered in some, not others - it is a function of emotional imbalance
  • engaging with low-vibrating energies (fear, conflict etc) brings one into the zone of susceptibility to being triggered
  • 'protection' would therefore, in this scenario, be a question of maintaining a higher personal frequency such that one is impervious

How to do this is, of course, a personal discovery.

Very much appreciate your answer to the difficult question here.

I was rather thinking of my children than myself however. Am already known as the rude english guy who doesn't wear shoes and generally doesn't interact with people here so it will be easy and frankly quite pleasurable for me to announce that I will no longer be spending time with them. Harder to take my children away from them however without creating the dis ease I am looking to avoid.

As you say, the journey to these first principles is a personal discovery and for now I am protecting them with Light Energy which will do the job to a certain extent. I am also making sure all the family spend time in nature every day and drink a glass of my highly nutritious daily smoothie. Dancing & music has become a daily essential too. Each week I find a new artist who we explore during the week, at a loud volume ;)

This week we have Aurora

Thanks for Aurora - listened at high vol during morning yoga session - nice energy and reminds me of Bjork, also Icelandic!

I've got one for you that I love (and which I don't think I've shared with you before) - loud vol also (and subtitles) for this :)

for now I am protecting them with Light Energy which will do the job

I see what you mean and agree!

I've seen you mention dancing a few times - I have irregular sessions in my room with loud music and my dog, Flame. My head and thinking mind are weary and I would like to give more of my being over to such activities that transcend them.


Legend! We loved the music.

And the picture is brilliant too :)


Thanks always for your amazing blogs Sam

Just doing my best to report what hear and feel x

and doing a great job - thank you Sam


Crazy times cuddlekitten.

Thankfully cats are immune to this kind of madness.

Oh wait, sorry, you're not immune at all!



It's very interesting blog