The graphene batteries are finally ready for smartphone access

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It looks like graphene batteries will be coming to our smartphones very early! That's as a US company called Real Graphene has announced that it is preparing to officially market graphene batteries and create collaborations with smartphone manufacturers! What proves this company seriously is that it is already selling external graphene batteries.
Real Graphene's technologies are in fact a direct and comprehensive development of the lithium ion technology used in current batteries, which is based on a complex but well-known chemical principle. In any case, the graphene battery technology will, from a chemical point of view, add a thin cover of graphene over the electrode forming the ordinary battery This will produce excellent results.

The results can be described in that a 3.000mAh battery will be able to charge from 0% from to 100% in just 20 minutes! Graphene batteries will also offer a higher life and performance as the battery will carry up to 1500 charging cycles compared to only 300-500 for existing phones.

And this technology, like any new technology, is still very expensive! This cost is due to the cost of the graphene material itself, as a kilogram of graphene will cost $ 300,000! But who knows, maybe Real Graphene and other developers are finding a solution to this cost, and we are now awaiting an official announcement of the Graphene battery very soon.


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