The UPB Vertical Garden a hanging garden made from plastic bottles

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Today we bring you one of our topnotch innovations in the fight against plastic bottles pollution.

Last year we crafted the UPB Vertical Garden from plastic bottles and the results were simply super amazing. 

You can watch some of the super amazing benefits of the UPB Vertical Garden and learn more about what this hanging farm is all about here: UPB Vertical Garden

Want to make your own UPB Vertical Garden? We have a DIY video of how to make a UPB Vertical Garden here: UPB Vertical Garden DIY 

The results from our UPB Vertical Gardens speak for themselves;

You can watch the huckleberry updates of our UPB Vertical Garden here; 

These are the things that should inspire you to support us. With your support, we can play a very big role in beating plastic plastic pollution around the globe. 



great use of detritis. plants beat rubbish every time