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According to the Ministry of ICT & NG five year sector strategy and Investment Plan (ICT SIP) 2015/16-2019/20 and the National Development Plan (NDP) 2015/16-2019/20. The Vision of the ICT SIP is “A knowledge-based Uganda enabled by a Vibrant ICT sector” and the mission is “to provide leadership and enabling environment for promotion of ICT as an industry, and enabler for transforming Uganda into a knowledge-based society.” And in one of its objectives is increased access and usage of ICT equipment and devices.
Through this training or ICT project, youth will be able to become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs that they were previously unqualified for.
Students will not have to go to Kampala (Capital City of Uganda) to study computer or trainings which are very expensive elsewhere, This ICT project will avail them close which will help in bridging the Digital Divide and reduction of expenditure.
Project Goal To empowers potential value to the community for sustainability with ICT skills Objective 1:
To empower community members with relevant ICT skills.
Expected Outcomes:
• Community members will be equipped with computer skills
• Improvement of livelihood through job creation.
• Improvement of academic performance
• Able to secure Jobs
Objective 2:
To create awareness about the ICT in the communities.
Expected Outcomes:
• Increased demand for computer training programs
• Increased use for ICT in different fields in the community
• Increased use of internet
• Increase of ICT entrepreneurs
And we need support from donors or someone with a good blessed heart to fund this project to succeed because more people in the have liked it, because we are in information era generation.
I will happy if someone has interested in funding this to my people in the community to gain knowledge about computer and other useful sites like Steemit etc



Great vision. Good job

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