Those dependent on technology controled by the beast, will be marked

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While I acknowledge that technology is a tool that can be used for good and evil, I'm going to draw a line in the sand to show how some technology is going terribly wrong. Being consciously aware of the technology and how it is used will be critical in regards to whether we survive or not.

The grid of the beast is being cast out to catch as many fish as possible

Social Credit Scoring (SCS) is a model that is being deployed in China and spreading all over the world. SCS provides a standardized assessment of each citizen which then determines what resources, benefits or privileges that each citizen has access to. This type of system requires access to as much data as possible in order to make the proper assessments. Ensuring that the data is attached to each citizen is equally as critical.

Estonia has deployed an ID card called e-Estonia with 98% acceptance rate. This card, much like the Chinese model, allows people to access government services, banking, travel and other benefits and services with the one card. I predict it won't be long before a SCS is setup after the population has accepted ID cards. The problem is that some jurisdictions, like the US, Canada and other western countries have rejected these types of systems due to fears of it turning into the mark of the beast. So the approach has been a bit more subtle.

The deployment of the smart meter grid is progressing quickly. Municipalities are violent in order to force the deployment of water, gas and electrical smart meters on every home in the grid. The technology is being sold to add more accuracy and features to the services being deployed, but the real reason is hidden from the users. A dear friend suggested that when SCS is deployed here in Canada and the US, peoples social scores will determine how much water, electricity or natural gas they get for their home. These meters have the capacity to be turned on or off remotely as they are a part of a complex web network. While data is being sent to the central office, that same office now has control over the meter and services entering the residence. You participate in a demonstration, fail to pay your bill, taxes or cause trouble, expect a reduction in water, power and gas!

Health care has already gone through a similar transformation here in Alberta. They started this project 15+ years ago where medical information is connected and accessible to extended health care facilities, acute health care facilities, physician clinics, labs, pharmacies and government databases. Doctors love the tool as it allows them to collaborate and move data very easily. Makes their jobs a lot easier. However, the dark side of this system is that it allows the government to track people from cradle to grave. If you don't get your vaccinations, then they can deny you access to other services or even engage in force to make sure you follow government mandated protocols. The more cooperative you are in following those protocols, the higher your social credit score will be. You rebuke their system and go else where, your score drops and you risk not being able to get a loan, travel or have access to food, water, etc.

It gets even darker when we admit to ourselves that the real goal of the beast is to kill everyone!

The police databases within the province are now fully integrated as well, so no matter where you travel, if you have a police encounter, it will be tracked and no doubt have a negative impact on your social credit score. The police love the database as they can now see every encounter, no matter where it happened or even if it lead to a conviction or not. They have access to everything, not just convictions! Let that sink in for a bit. Guilty always and we have no more access to being innocent until proven guilty. They pass judgement upon us on the street. In the past, it was isolated to their local database, but no longer. It is fairly easy now to trigger the police should you not cooperate with any of the other government agencies and there would be no where to hide if you are on the run.

Customer loyalty / reward cards can also be used as they keep track, in detail, of all your purchases, whether you use cash, debit or credit cards. You don't think that your purchases or even searches on line are not consolidated to complete your SCS or even control what you can or cannot purchase?

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." - Revelation 13:17

The mark is not just the RFID chip in your hand, but could also be the 'name' that you have on that government issued id or the number associated with your account with the government. All of that is the mark and will also be a part of the means used to establish the SCS. That is why I got ride of ALL government and corporate cards. I don't have a social insurance number, birth certificate, passport, drivers license, health care card, credit card, debit card, customer loyalty cards, etc. Nothing is in my wallet. In fact, I've not carried a wallet for well over a decade.

The SCS is nothing more than the consolidation of all these different systems so that the state can then determine how much of a good or bad citizen you are. Don't pay your taxes? Well then, you may not be able to fly to Mexico during your next vacation. Hang out with people with low SCS? Then your own score takes a hit and your utility prices goes up or volumes drop.

The next phase is to then turn control of all of these systems to an AI as humans are not capable of correlating and evaluating the vast amounts of data. There is even talk about injecting RFID chips into people as id cards can be lost or stolen.

The smart phones are a critical component to these plans as most people now have them. As people become more and more addicted to technology, we are finding that we cannot live without them. Our very lives are now expressed through technology as we become more and more unplugged from one another. Trans-humanism is the next step as the beast works hard to push us hard to perform, product and consume more and more. Then we wonder why people are burning out! We physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually cannot keep up and we were not meant to either!

Also, don't be fooled about nature being given the rights and protections of a person. In my view, that will only allow the beast to use the protection of nature as a justification to force people into super cities so that their grid is complete. The cities will be so full that everyone will be 100% dependent upon the SCS in order to get the resources they need to survive!

What is the alternative?

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are not machines and to compare our own productivity to a machine is to diminish who we are. Guilt, shame and feelings of inadequacy in comparison to others or the system itself, is all meant to help push us further and further into the trans-humanistic cog of the beast's machine.

In order for us to not fall for this trap, it requires that we embrace spirit, heal ourselves and realize that we don't need to keep up with all that is going on. The desire to keep up is a fear that we are going to be left behind or that we are not good enough. But what are we competing against?

The machine uses our addiction and dependence to the state and other corporate empires as a leverage to use us like machines. Keeping up with the Jones is an addiction and a major illness. We are not machines, we are spiritual beings. When we realize that and heal the shame, guilt and other traumas, we will find that life is not about working harder and harder, plugging into the grid and consuming as much as we can.

Life is about relationships, healing, peace and freedom. We will not accomplish any of those life goals by participating with the grid that is being cast over us all. When we realize that we are divine, sacred spiritual beings and disconnected from the machine, we are left with the realization that Mother Earth always has, is currently and will provide for us in the future. Not some machine powered, beast controlled grid.

I AM enough. I AM sacred. My relationship with Mother Earth is also good enough and sacred. My relationship with Creator is good enough and sacred as well. I don't need to keep up with the Jones, travel or have social rank or status. I got caught up in status when I was with the tribe as being an elder was something that provide a sort of status symbol. But that did not serve me or anybody else in the tribe. When I walked away, I found myself re-connected with a more humble and deeply spiritual connection to my body and Mother Earth. That is what we are here to do.

When I do that, technology becomes a means for me to express that type of life and relationship. I reject technology that the beast uses to control and manipulate others. But there are technology that we use to amplify and express Spirit in this world. Technology like the Steem blockchain allows me to have a voice without the risk of being blocked or shut down due to the Beast's efforts to shut me up. There are some on this blockchain that try to do that on the Beast's behalf, but for the most part, I am free to say and share what ever I want.

But I must always remember that while technology is a tool, I am always responsible for all my relationships and those require time, effort, communication, face-to-face interactions and even touch. These are what being here is all about. This life is all about relationships and that is what I work hard on the most.

I call upon everyone to work hard to be as independent as possible and as quickly. The net that is being cast is almost complete and we will all be faced with the choice: join or die. It is a false choice as they will crash the current systems to force people into that grid as they starve to death. Most people will chose it as they have no alternative. Only those who embrace Creator and Mother Earth will find salvation as they already have a relationship that will provide for all our needs.

I rebuke all those who sing the praises of technology that is being used to enslave the world. Shameful, repugnant behaviours! Technology is not our saviour. Our relationship with Mother Earth and Creator is what will save us.

Antichrist and the Devil - Luca Signorelli [Public domain]

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