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As of today, I am running a Bitcoin Full Node.

The download of the whole ledger took around 2 weeks, but since this morning my node is up to date (has processed 627'165 blocks of transaction history).

Hal Finney's legendary tweet:

The next thing I intend to do is setting up a Lightning Network Node. Are any Bitcoiners here who already have done this?

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Wow 2 Wochen... 😳


Good on you!
I ran a Bitcoin node under Ubuntu for a while but it kept crashing and needing to download the whole chain again.
Maybe I should try again under Windows.

Thanks for your comment.
I first tried on the raspberry pi, but I had some problems with the ethernet connection and with the hard drive.
Now I am running it under windows and it works smoothly. I enjoy the idea of supporting a greater good like Bitcoin.

Congratulations on taking a major step towards your own financial sovereignty! I've ran a few nodes with lightning in both clightning and LND. Right now I'm leaning more towards LND but I'm sure the next update for clightning will bring a lot of feature parity.

Thanks for your comment.
I think I'll try LND. Will have a (more or less) deep dive on it this weekend.

hast du n Bild? :)

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Das Häkchen rechts unten bedeutet "up to date".
Links daneben zeigt es mir an, dass ich 10 active connections habe.


The download of the whole ledger took around 2 weeks

Man I haven't imagined that would take that long. Great for you running a full node! How do you feel about halving? What are your thoughts on that?

Yes, I think the long download time relates to my rather poor connection (no fiber optic cable) and to the upload restriction of the other nodes. But I don't know exactly.

I think the halving will have 2 consequences that aren't priced in right now:

  • more media attention --> more people get informed about BTC and its long-term unique selling proposition (fixed supply + security)
  • a smaller amount of BTC will be sold by miners - on a daily basis.

This could attract more (long-term) investors. At a certain point a self-inforcing cycle (virtuous cycle) could set in, with higher price --> more attention --> more buying --> higher price --> more attention (probably of short-term investors) ... until a bubble emerges at insane prices (of perhaps 100k $ or more) and pops. Then we are going to repeat 2014 or 2018 ;-)



wow, congratulations my friend.