Qurator's Photo Quest | Technology - Apple Maps Car

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Apple Maps car _.jpg
Apple Maps Image Collection car in Murska Sobota, Slovenia (2021)

Some time ago I took a photo of Google Street View Car and today I was surprised to see an Apple Maps car already in my hometown, Murska Sobota (Slovenia). It was parked on the street, probably taking a break or just giving me an opportunity to make this photos 😀.

This post is my entry to this week's Qurator's Photo Quest | Technology, which you can find on following link here: https://ecency.com/qurator/@qurator/qurators-photo-quest-or-technology


Later on today I have seen TomTom car too, but couldn't take a photo of it, as I was in the car as well driving in the opposite direction. What a day!!!


Good luck!

Wow nice

Yay! 🤗
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Apple Maps? Does that thing even work? 🤣