1.5 Million Injuries From Covid Jabs and 15,472 Deaths (European Union’s Database)

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Over 15,000 have died and 1.5 million were injured as what was reported in EU’s adverse drug reactions database for COVID-19.

Experts are calling this thing as 'vaccines' but actually it is not a vaccine at all - it is a human experiment implemented worldwide.

The following presentations only shows for the 27 European Union countries, in other words the actual adverse reactions may be very high.

Reports starting from June 19, 2021 show there are 15,472 deaths and the recorded injuries are 1,509,266.

These are the four (4) 'vaccine' brands that have been administered.

Moderna (CX-024414) mRNA Vaccine
Pfizer-Biontech mRNA Vaccine
Astrazeneca (CHADOX1 NCOV-19) Vaccine
Johnson & Johnson JANSSEN (AD26.COV2.S) Vaccine

753,657 injuries are serious, according to the report.

How serious injuries are classified?

It is designated as serious when the following occur:
Inpatient Hospitalisation,
Prolongation of Existing Hospitalisation,
Significant Disability or Incapacity; and
Congenital Birth Defect

Below are the data through June 19th 2021.

Vaccine: Tozinameran (code BNT162b2, Comirnaty) from BioNTech/ Pfizer. 7,420 deaths and 560,256 injuries as of June 19, 2021.

Vaccine: Moderna mRNA-1273 (CX-024414). 4,147 deaths and 122,643 injuries as of June 19, 2021.

Vaccine: Oxford/ AstraZeneca AZD1222/VAXZEVRIA (CHADOX1 NCOV-19). 3,364 deaths and 793,036 injuries as of June 19, 2021.

Vaccine: Johnson & Johnson JANSSEN (AD26.COV2.S).
541 deaths and 33,331 injuries as of June 19, 2021.

To summarize it all:

Totals may be much higher based on percentage of adverse reactions that are reported. This report is from EudraVigilance.

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These are high numbers. What is the denominator here? The total number of vaccinations?

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Total number is around 50 million.

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