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RE: Repairing my home ceiling LED lamp

in STEMGeekslast year

Something strange seems to be happening in the lightbulb world. The very first CFLs that I acquired still work. The very first LED bulbs that I bought still work. The newer LED bulbs that I purchase seem to fail at an alarming high rate.

Most LEDs are designed so that one has to destroy the bulb to repair the LEDs.

My guess is that the LED companies are now engaged in the wasteful practice of planned obsolescence. Since LEDs are repairable, we need more people to do what you did in this video.

BTW, the LEDs that aren't fixable have a little bit of copper on the circuit board. I smash the broken ones and extract the copper ... but I hate the waist that comes from planned obsolescence.


Older lamps last long, that's true, so was this ceiling bulb. In 90% cases of failed bulbs, LED is the only part which goes off. That's why I gave a shot myself and found the damaged LED.

LED bulbs are repairable and as I mentioned 90% cases only LED is damaged. Since they are all in series, we can either replace with new one os just short tho points.

Since LED desoldering and replacing is tedious process, I shorted the two pins of it. So although I had one less LED but the bulb still works.