I Wanted to Make a Burn Post to Commemorate HIVE's Dip Below a Dollar

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HIVE fell under a dollar. While I suspected that BTC was in for a dip, I was really hoping that HIVE would make a valiant stand at 1.

When HIVE was trading over $2, I seriously considered selling 50 HIVE to repurchase at a dollar. I wish I did.

To commemorate this event. I decided to drop a burn post. I am using ProofOfBrain.io as the interface. I set the beneficiary to @null. If I understand the dynamics of the system correctly, this should send the rewards for this post off to never-never land where Peter Pan and Captain Hook can fight over it.

The @null account looks quite interesting on HiveStats.io. It shows trillions of dollars with of coins.

Man, if I knew the keys for @null I could make out like a bandit.

Even better. I could make out like a member of Congress!!!!!

Huh, @null has only 5,966 POB.

While I am not a fan of tag spam, I decided to engage in a little tag spam on this burn post because I want to burn everything!

Since I set the beneficiary to null, the money should go to the null account. IF that doesn't work, I will manually transfer earnings for the post to null.

I took a picture of a match sitting on a dollar for the image.

No fiat currency was harmed in making this post. That's illegal.

I also wrote the word "example" on bill. The Treasury Department says people ares supposed to do this to thwart counterfeiters who, I guess, don't have access to real money to counterfeit.


Hopefully Hive will get back over a dollar soon.

I thought it was fun having HIVE above a dollar. The calculated market value of HIVE is still above three hundred million dollars. Most of the users simply see the platform as a pool of cash to exploit.

Considering the fundamentals, I am more worried about staying above $0.50.

Regardless. It is best to drop burn posts on the downside than when it is on the rise.



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