Blochain Euro Project + Peakd

in #dao7 months ago

Hi, I'm Yaroslav Titrachuk:

We have created a small DAO 2 years ago and now we are beurop dao.
We develop free products to create interconnection between multiverse, decentralization, digital world and physical (human) world.

I discovered the platform and finally I can use it (the war fucked us a lot).
I have 8000 members in TG, I want to move them to peakd.
I need help to configure everything, the tutorials are a bit outdated. I don't understand how referrals work, would it be better to invite them with my link, or create a community?

I also want to invest in marketing so that the rest of the beuropeans move here.

I am looking for a very active collaboration with peakd. @acidyo
I can offer international contacts, and grow the community very quickly. I have been in grow marketing for 12 years.

My passion:

  1. Education
  2. DAO Philosophy
  • Digital Universe
  • DAO Future
  • Longetivity (transhumanism)
  • Decentralized Digital Brain (AI and neuroweb)
  1. DAO Ideology
  • DAO Constitution
  1. Forms of government:
  • Representative Democracy
  • Liquid Democracy
  • Positive Democracy
  • Creation of a new DAO member, Journalist dao, who takes an oath to protect truth and human rights and all life. Like the Hippocratic.