Wear a Mask & Stop Covid Conspiracy Theories!


I get it. I, also, have a healthy skepticism of government and their motives. Yes, the vaccine was rushed, is imperfect and we're all still learning as we go...

But, that is no excuse for, deliberately, spreading misinformation and politicizing this virus. I have friends who pronounce: 'This is not a vaccine' and refuse to wear masks, and I think that is not only the height of ignorance and arrogance, but also selfishness.

Covid is real (we know people who have gotten, seriously, sick and died). Vaccines, in most case, really help. If we've learned anything at all from this global pandemic, it's how connected and interdependent we are. Our lives, literally, depend upon one other, shouldn't we try to work together?


Frankly, when I read in the news about a man murdering his pharmacist brother, and sister-in-law, for administering Covid-19 vaccines, I get angry!

I realize it's a bit extreme to say this, but I do feel that all those vocally against vaccination, irresponsibly refusing to wear a mask, undermining science, and spreading conspiracy theories are partly to blame for these murders!

Enough is too much. Please, don't deceive yourself that you're thinking for yourself, by taking a position against vaccination and wearing a mask; you're only thinking of yourself. By fanning the flames of conspiracy theories, you are contributing to the needless chaos and death that surrounds us.

Why not instead consider how the coronavirus and the way we respond to it might offer us a “teachable” moment — a mysterious opportunity gifted to us in the form of a global health crisis?

By association, I think of Pascal‘s prayer: Teach us the proper use of sickness. Instead of complaining, resisting or living in paranoia, we might ask: How can this pandemic help bring out the best in us by granting us time and space — as world citizens — to slow down, turn inwards and meditate upon our interconnectedness?

We are living during a mighty, humbling and potentially transformative historical moment if only we can recognize it, that is capable of ushering in a newfound sense of community, as well as tenderness toward the vulnerability of all human life and its unpredictability.

Perhaps this poem I wrote might help to get my point across, better...

Corona Verses

We can’t simply return to how we were after a crisis—
our homes have become cocoons for radical transformation

Others lives, we finally realize, depend on us and vice versa,
either we change our ways, now, or perish alone-together...

And, if we survive, we might ask of this benevolent master:
Tell us, what new fast can we add to our days ahead?

The same way that Lent or Ramadan are spiritual reminders,
we should consider what sacrifice this pandemic asks of us.

What extreme limit have we reached, or trespassed?
As Laozi says: "Turning back is how the Way moves."

Don't bemoan your four walls, give thanks, for your necessary isolation
and pray to emerge from this chrysalis into a new consciousness.

©Yahia Lababidi



You just called me ignorant.

Corona has changed a lot of things like the way it is done is not normal again even though the cases is low here but still things are not like then again

It's sad, and tragic the damage that Corona has done (for the living and the dead). But, it will not all be wasted if we learn the lessons that it can teach us: to slow down, take care of ourselves and each other...

One of the worst parts of all of this is the normalizing of sharing private information. HIPAA was established for a reason. Nobody besides your primary care doctor and another medical professional you would be working with for however brief, has any right to know a single thing about your health information. The normalizing of telling someone that has no right to know, what you have or have not done completely goes against the principle in my opinion.

That's a good point, @cmplxty. But, I have a theoretical question for you. If you were about to get intimate with someone, wouldn't you want to know if they had an STD? Well, with airborne viruses we're all in an intimate relationship with one another, in shared spaces, and not knowing someone's status could be harmful, or worse, deadly. I, especially, think of the elderly or immune compromised.

Sadly I don't think that comparison is relevant. Sexual diseases, virus or bacteria, are far more intimate than anything else. I understand how you may think of it but viruses, airborne ones at that, are normal to encounter. Sexual diseases are not. Our immune system is and has existed for the entire existence of human beings as a species to fight against things like viruses to protect our body. Without it, we would have died long ago.

But, clearly not all of our immune systems are strong enough to fight the coronavirus and that is why people are dying all over the world…

And every year before Covid, people all over the world died from the season flu.
Fact, the Covid death rate is on par with the yearly flu rate (even with the Delta vairiant), yet we did not descend into panic or institute such draconian control measures.
Fact, as of May 2020, worldwide, the collection of statistics on flu were stopped. So for a similar disease, that kills a similar number of people, no resources were allocated to it, why?

It’s been ages @leoplaw since I’ve heard from you. Pity that it should be this post that you comment on, (condemning China?) with a video link & no words.

Hope your art is coming along, nicely, and this finds you well, otherwise.

Pity it seems you didn't watch the video then. The video exposes the trail of funding from America to conduct viral gain of function research in Wuhan, because it was made illegal to do it in the US under Obama administration. The key figure behind obtaining funding for these illegal research projects is none other than Dr. Faucci. Funding for these illegal research projects was enabled by both Democrat and Republican politicians who have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies conducting the research. Some of these same companies are now producing drugs and vaccines being used for the pandemic. Follow the money. China is not the main culprit, but complicit in the cover up of the accidental or intentional lab leak. This last point is not clear at the moment. But there is strong evidence that the outbreak had already begun in September 2019 and not December 2019.

I'm not saying China might not be complicit in the cover up (and I'm, certainly, not looking to fight with you). I'm saying that we're in this mess, together, and will only get out of it by working, together. Peace ✌️

If you're not looking for a fight, why are you assuming that was the intent?

By working together, that also means sharing relevant factual information, so that we can have open and informed discussions on what is a complex issue.

For instance, Australia has become an openly police state through the pandemic as the politicians use it to seize more power.

Even Polish politicians protesting outside of the Australian Embassy over human rights abuses. Politicians in other countries have also called for trade sanctions.

I, agree, that crises can be manipulated by (already corrupt) government entities. But 2 wrongs do not make a right. Second-guessing the science, mistrusting the medical community and spreading misinformation is cutting off our nose to spite our face. Variants multiply and get stronger the longer people remain unvaccinated and unconvinced of the gravity of this matter…

There is ample science from reputable universities and research labs which show:

  1. there are viable alternatives, Ivermectin being one.
  2. there is indeed a risk to health and of death from the vaccines, and not in small numbers.
  3. In most countries, the vaccines are being administered incorrectly. The vaccines MUST be administered intramuscularly and not intravenously, otherwise if the injection hits a blood vessel, it will cause the blood clotting and heart conditions which are cited as common side effects of these vaccines. Most vaccination centres are not employing trained medical staff to do the vaccinations. I've even seen the job advertisements here myself.
  4. The long term side effects of the vaccines are unknown, because there have been no long term studies. Until C19, ALL vaccines had to pass a mandatory 7 - 10 year trial period. Thrown more money at testing labs does not speed up time.
  5. Science and medical studies from reputable sources are being ignored and censored, because the issue has had politics put before health, medicine and science.

If you wish to discuss science and facts, I can provide you with ample documentation for all of the above points.

Secondly, I can provide you with stories of people we know who have:

  1. had severe reactions affecting long term health and or near death
  2. have been vaccinated multiple times and have
    a. no immune response, and hence no detectable antibodies and therefore are
    disqualified from any certification, and therefore must still live under the
    b. a partial immune response, but the antibody count is not high enough, and
    therefore are disqualified from any certification, and therefore must still
    live under the restrictions.

Thank you, Leo, and take care.

We may never fully recover from the virus but we should gather our minds back to the truth that if we keep ourself save we are keeping the world save too.

Thank you, for being a voice of sanity amid all the madness. As a medical doctor, I wish you best of luck educating all those who are afraid & angry 🙏🏽

I am glad that you wrote this. This disease has killed millions of people already, and the only effective tools we currently have to battle it are masks, the vaccine, and keeping distance from one another.

Hive is wonderful in many ways and attracts people who think for themselves and differently. But, it is a pity that they go too far, sometimes, and lose their balance —- defending the indefensible…

Thank you, for your kindness & sanity 🙏🏽✨

Thank you for sharing 😬 Let's get the world out of this horrible Pandemic and stop people spreading misinformation about #covid19. This happens a lot in my country too!

I can only imagine how complicated it is in South Africa (which I would love to visit, one day). It’s no better in Florida, where I live, or back home in Egypt or my wife’s country, Colombia. People can be stubborn, suspicious & uncooperative, everywhere!

This is one of the most well written examples of why I and millions of others disagree. Extensively sourced and lots from other countries, but including US sources.


Then there’s this one as well, another great amount of accurate information.


It’s not at all about our health but total and absolute control over people. It’s the 9/11 of health and full of equally the number of shams and completely false information.

It’s all about our health and I don’t know what 9/11 has got to do with this, but I wish you well 🙏🏽

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Telling someone to wear a mask or to be injected with a vaccine when science certainly is not settled enough is not wisdom. Just as we know people who have died from contracting covid naturally, I know people who have died from the vaccine and others permanently disfigured by it. So while you claim it is ignorance or a conspiracy that keeps people from masks or vaccinations, it would be wise to also consider those of us who believe you should simply have a choice, individually, whether you should wear a mask or get the vaccine. Mandating either infringes on my rights as a human to think and act for myself. If a business requires a mask, just as they require shirts or shoes, it is their right, but my government should not force its populace by threat of punishment for not wearing or getting injected.

When the vaccine was brought about, it was said that it would prevent contracting the virus. It does not. Not only can you still get the virus, you can pass it on asymptomatically. It creates a false sense of security. I will not live in fear for covid just as I will not live in fear of getting the flu or getting into a car wreck. I will continue to live. Get your shot, keep on your mask, I don't care. Do not require me to from my country and I'll have no issue. Requiring it as if you have long term proof is foolishness. It's been around less than 2 years and the vaccine for less than a year. Anyone who pretends to know the long term benefits or detriments is simply guessing at this point.

Nope, sorry, will not engage on this one. Wishing you best of health. Peace ✌️

A vaccine stops transmission and thus protects others. The COVID jabs do not do that and are thus not a vaccine. They only benefit the person taking it, and only for a short time.

Masks do not work. They do not protect anybody. They capture and hold disease and dirt and negatively affect the psychological development of children.

Lockdowns do not work. They just destroy lives and economies.

Countries that have refused to engage in medical tyranny like Sweden have much better results than the tyrranies.

Countries (like India and much of South America) that have adopted cheap, safe treatments like Vitamins C, D & Zinc and Invermectin have much better results than Western countries that have pushed a risky, poorly tested, expensive jab that lasts for 6 months tops.

The Delta and new variants come from leaky "vaccines" that don't stop transmission and thus accelerate the speed of mutations.

It is the people pushing masks and jabs that are selfish and stupid.
They want to impose their incorrect opinions on other people.

And they are so scared of the truth of alternative opinions and facts that they censor everyone else on mainstream platforms.

I have resisted downvoting your post despite the fact that my opinion is ruthlessly censored on mainstream platforms.

Lockdown may not work, especially, when people do not cooperate, before/after. But masks, certainly, help as does vaccination — the alternative is serious illness and death. India and South America are not good examples where vitamins and experimental medications work — I have family and friends there and they are doing very poorly.

Take care of yourself & others 🙏🏽

COVID is no more dangerous than life in general. Its like prostate cancer. Lots of old sick people die with it, but very few actually from it.

The average age of death with COVID is higher than the average life expectancy in every country. The mortality curve is the same as the general mortality curve.

Stop falling for fear porn.

Show me data proving that mask mandates are effective. US states without them do better than those with. Countries without them do better than those with.

There is not a single peer reviewed study proving that masks are effective in broad public usage. Its just a pancea and a dangerous one at that.

Peer reviewed studies are showing 10 IQ point drop in infants exposes to mask wearing adults. It affects infant development not to see faces.

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