ON75TWS - HA5KZO 14.195 MHz QSO (2022.02.09, 13:35 UTC)

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Another radioamateur video from me. This is my third video on 3Speak (Threespeak).

I decided to upload this video on my 3Speak (Threespeak) channel first.
I will upload this video to my YouTube channel too.

My equipment:
Radio (Transceiver): Yaesu FT-450D.
Antenna: D-Original Outback-1899 mobile antenna.
TX Power: 100 Watt.

I am a licensed radioamateur (HA5KZO) from Hungary, and I made a QSO (two-way radio contact) with a SES (Special Event Station) in Belgium (ON75TWS) on 14.195 MHz. I recorded it on video, so this is what you hear in this video.

TWS stands for Together We're Strong. This is a club station. The 75 in their callsign is that the Belgian IARU society UBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022.

By the way, you can also hear EK6CW from Armenia in the beginning of the video.

My previous video: II9WRTC - HA5KZO 14.240 MHz QSO (2022.02.07, 13:56 UTC).

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