TM400MO - A special callsign for the 400 years of the birth of Molière (2022.09.21)

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Today I put my 30 meters long wire antenna a little bit higher (from approximately two-three meters above the ground to approximately four-five meters above the ground) in the garden, and it works very well within Europe, even on 21 MHz. I made a QSO (a two-way contact) with TM400MO on 21.245 MHz today afternoon (on 2022.09.21, 13:43 UTC), which is a special callsign to celebrate that Molière was born 400 years ago. The signal of the station was very strong (58-59). The name of the operator is Patrick.

There was no band noise, only a little QRM (interference from another station) around the end of the contact.

My current QTH (the location of my radioamateur station) is Tiszasüly (KN07EJ), Hungary. TM400MO is somewhere in France. I do not know its exact location. The distance is approximately 1300 km.

I am a licensed radioamateur since 2012.01.16 (my callsign is HA5KZO), so I am transmitting legally.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


Keep rockin that radio

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If the wire antenna is high enough, then it works great worldwide. A vertical antenna would not need height. There are affordable vertical antennas, but I am not brave enough to order one, because I am afraid that someone would steal it, while I am not at home. So this is why I use wire antennas.

Makes sense man, its a crazy world. Do what you think is safest. I especially loved the stereo system and radio when i was younger, never dabbled much with communication.