One Of The Highest APR Yield: Stem Geeks For The Win With 170% Sustainable?

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As I continue to look for different projects to invest my time and little money into I keep an eye on the APR. This is the annual retrun you will get for your investment of a project. For example if I have $10,000 of a coin and the APR is $2,000 I will have $12,000 if I leave my investment there for a year. It is an important number in the yield farming chasing as everyone wants the highest APR.

After looking around it seems the highest yield right now is probably Stem Geeks. I search around a lot and this one of the only coins out there with a 100% APR that is sustainable and if you compound it daily with your rewards you will be making 170%. That is an insane return for any investment and if the price of stem goes up (which is can by how low it is right now) you are looking at returns in the 1,000s%.

The Problem

The only problem right now is liquidity is not there. You might see 20 to 30 dollars a day in trades. This can easily by solved with a liquidity pool like Leo has so I don't think he will always be a problem but for now yes it is hard to invest in a coin with low liquidity.

Earn It By Posting

If you don't want to risk any money you can post your science, tech, engineering or math related blogs there and earn it. It is still newer and with less competition you can really stand out over there if you are well versed in any of the topics I mentioned.

I'm not telling anyone to run out and buy the coin just saying as I look for APRs with working projects it is funny how well this one is doing and is not on the radar. It is a defi product that probably has one of the highest APRs out there.

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I posted over there once and it did give me a nice little bit of STEM. I have been meaning to post more but I just have so many irons in the fire right now.

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I really dropped the ball on the STEM community. I could have been posting quite a few posts over there if I had just taken the time to learn about it a little more in the past. I still put stuff over there from time to time, but I missed out on a lot of rewards earlier.

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Seems legit. Its pretty cool so many niches are available for different interests. But at the same time some of them didnt last.. And then have a chunk of staked tokens worth little to nothing.

math and science are not my forte but I can try to write some content in technology. Unfortunately, liquidity is also synonymous with interest. we hope to see changes in the future

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I personally went for STEMM . 87 of them right now ( see @srmallara account ) . I also post on it regularly so I keep earning STEM :) I believe it is the next big thing on Hive.

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every investor Focus on APR and its basic thing to Invest