I Bought A Lot Of STEM And My Staked Coins Is Almost At 28,000!

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I'm a science whale!

As much as I love Leo, there is room for other communities to grow outside of finance and cryptocurrency. One of those sectors is tech and science. Stemgeeks has an AMAZING APR right now and has a chance to explode if the demand starts to come in. And I mean explode as the there is very little supply on the market.

The Best Tokenomics

One of the biggest reasons that Leo took off (besides the hard work from the team and the great community) was the fact that they has the economics under control for their coin. They knew the important of keeping a supply low and they are still one of the best small cap coins out there for that. Stem has an even smaller supply if you can believe. There are only 2,325,069.48 coins in total right now and over 1.5 million coins staked. With only 12,550 coins minted each week this number will be kept at a great supply for years to come. Plus the team burns a lot of coins weekly keeping the supply low.

With such a low amount of coins your vote is worth A LOT. My vote right now is worth around 10 stem a piece right now. This site is giving a 100% APR that is pretty stable. Those rates cannot be beaten right now.

The Only Problem Is Liquidity And Trade Volume

With such a high APR this site can be an incredible investment. The only issue right now is liquidity and trade volume. But there was another site by the name of Leo that has those problems and as you see there is a solution with LPs. There is also the chance the Leo brings in more users and people can trade for stem on the leodex.io. Either way trading volume is a fixable problem. If you add ads or a way to burn more coins on top this site can thrive.

It is high risk like anything else but if the price goes up and there is a high enough trade volume, with this APR you can make it a full time job just curating by owning a small amount of coins. Why are we chasing defi when it is in our own backyard the whole time?

This is not investment advice and keep in mind you can earn stem for your work by posting at Stem Geeks

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Very interesting. I only just recently started to learn about the STEM community. I have a bunch of posts I probably could have thrown over there in the past. I am glad to hear it is working out so well for you. I hope they continue to do well.

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You can always start now. There is not a lot of competition right now with posts so you can have your work stand out there.

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Very cool. I just have to think up a subject for a post now...

Stem has a lot of potential and honestly I would like to study it better. I currently have just over 200 STEMs in stake and are considering the possibility of increasing in the coming days

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If you like anything in STEM it is were you should post about those topics.

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welcome! it's so nice seeing you both here and Leo!

You too!

I also recognise you when you comment, great minds think a like.

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I like the confidence, I bought in a little myself. Hope to get to 10K if the price doesn't spike. Get in!

10k is a good amount with this market cap, keep posting and you'll get there even if the price does spike.

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Did you just buy these in a big chunk at market prices?

I've been trying to accumulate the last 1000 STEM I need to get to 10,000, but can't seem to get any orders filled below market.

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I did big chunks early before the price went up.

Then I waited to power down some of my hive. There was a sell order for .175 that was at 10,000 Hive but someone bought it before I could get it. So I set a buy order at the top and waited. It filled over the weekend. There was like a 20-30% between buys and sells so you need to be patient.

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Very much truth. I believe people are not seeing that picture though

Congratulations on buying stem token I don't have that much but I also like science and tech geek although people don't call me what a geek

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What are your thoughts on Stem miner?

If I wasn't into LEO this much, I'll be loading up STEM. I just don't have enough $$$ to get into both. I believe ELO has more potential. Cool thing is I don't remember seeing any other competitor to STEM that has decent amount of tractions. I've seen stuff on Product Hunt but those communities did't really take off AFAIK.

STEM is different.STEM has Hive. STEM does tons of burning too:


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