Monomad : Insect - Pelopidas mathias & Phaneropterinae

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this is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes.


Good night all,
for today I will again share some photos of the two types of insects that I found today when I was visiting a garden in my area. Even though the weather was so hot, I was still excited to hunt some animals there and finally I found them

I saw an insect that looks almost like a butterfly but flies very fast and the sound of the wings of this animal when flying is also very clear, today I tried to take some photos using the macro lens that I just bought, my previous macro lens did not capture some of the objects that a little bigger so I ordered another macro lens so I can take some photos with objects that are a little bigger but have good quality details, here are some photos that I have prepared and I still have to learn how to use this lens

This insect belongs to the type of insect Pelopidas mathias






then not far from the first place I again found another insect but it was small in size, I tried to take it using the lens and it proved that the results were not very optimal but I will try to continue studying it, This insect belongs to the insect species Phaneropterinae, This insect has a very unique motif with such a good color combination, I saw this insect sitting on a wildflower, here are some photos






those are the two types of bugs I was able to share in today's #monomad challenge, hope you like some of my shots using my new macro lens.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

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Hi there @vikar
Nice photos !
It's really cool how you add in the scientific names of the insects 🐝🦋.
I just like taking the photos and have no will power to look up the names. LoL 😂😆
Take care, stay safe and always look upwards !

thanks for your warm feedback, I'm sure you will understand that,

Wow, I like the picture of the moth you showed in black and white.