Hunt Some Wild Flowers

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good night friends all greetings to all of us, I hope you are always under the protection of the almighty.

this time I will try to share some photos that I found some time ago when I was walking on the riverbank in my area, I saw on the river embankment there were several wild plants that had very beautiful flowers, these floral motifs were purple and very small, on each stem of this tree can grow almost about twenty flowers

we usually call this flower a flower Sangketan, if there is no macro lens this flower will look normal










then I found another unique flower that just bloomed, this flower is very delicate and very easy to fall off when hit by my hand some of these flowers fall right away, and some fly due to strong wind gusts



I also found one other flower, namely the embarrassed princess flower which is indeed in bloom and has beautiful flowers too



those are the three types of wild flowers that I could find today, hopefully there are some that you like,

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

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Wow... that was awesome flowers mate, you take a good shots on it.
Good job...👍

Thank you very much friends for your good feedback

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Awesome closeups with great colors and variety