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RE: 5 billion dollar lawsuit filed against Google for snooping in Incognito mode

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I note browser 'fingerprinting' appears to be used by Goolag as well as the proprietary Chrome browser. I've never used Chrome, because I've never trusted Goolag, but I have been targeted by Goolag just the same.

Some years ago, Goolag prevented me from posting on the chans by no longer providing captcha services to the browser I use. I've tried several things to get around this, but no scripts I've tried enable the browser to access captchas on the chans.

Last month a new kind of censorship was deployed, and if I go to Youtube, the page will not load in this browser. I can watch Youtube vids on other pages, but I cannot on the Youtube site. The link provided by @apshamilton below gives me this:


Both problems are mitigated by using a different browser, such as Brave.

I really hope this lawsuit manages to piggyback on the many other affronts Goolag has committed to break up the monopoly power of not only Goolag, but all the tech giants that are being used by banksters as a sort of covert fascist government. It's notable that the CIA was involved in initially funding both Goolag and Fakebook, as well as Twatter.

I don't think it's coincidence that all three platforms have become Gorilla Kings in the social media market, nor that they all insatiably harvest user data, and censor based on political ideology.