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RE: Mysterious viruses and how to find them? An exclusive with Veeru - the Virus facing existential crisis.

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In the wider context you have graced me with here, I find much to agree with. Particularly this.

" is doubt that must not lose its justification in any case."

That is the place I try to live in, and why I was led to reply as I did, noting I exemplified Dunning Kruger and that I needed to doubt my own competence and belief in my understanding.

"Have you ever been surprised, in a positive sense, by the opening of the space beyond expertise, for example, by someone you did not expect?"

Very much so. I confess it is my experience at the moment, as I have grossly misunderstood your initial comment regarding unbelief in the contagion theory, and expected an explication of terrain theory.

Instead I find compassion in it's place. I find that extraordinary, and very, very refreshing.

Thank you for that.


I thank you, too. I very much appreciate your response. Happy to receive back from you what you've found refreshing.

expected an explication of terrain theory.

What do you mean by that?

A lot of people ascribe to what they refer to as Terrain Theory, which explains away observations of what virologists say are viruses as exosomes, or expulsions of the contents of dying distressed cells.