COVID Nurse (2021): Treatments Withheld | Fraud on Every Level | COVID Cases Inflated

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In this video from August 2021, Abrien Aguirre identifies himself as an occupational health practitioner who has worked in some of the biggest, skilled nursing facility on Oʻahu, Hawaii. He specialised in geriatric care and worked in several COVID specialist units. He describes a terrible situation that likely amounts to massive crime perpetrated through the hospital system and world media that made victims of the most vulnerable people in society.

Abrien makes clear that:

  • The Media has mis-represented the truth of COVID and of the PCR testing.
  • People moved to the COVID unit did not have COVID - they were false positives generated by inaccurate testing. Generally they only had other health problems, which is why they were in hospital.
  • Many people who died of terminal illnesses were logged as deaths from COVID.
  • The majority of people with COVID survived.
  • He saw 12 deaths in his time on the wards and none of them were truly due to COVID, only due to pre-existing conditions.
  • He saw 32 deaths from people due to the Moderna vaccines by the time the video was recorded in 2021 (this is in line with the large numbers of vaccine deaths we have seen since then).
  • If someone is admitted to the hospital with an emergency, such a stroke or heart attack, if the COVID PCR test on admission is a positive, they are recorded as a COVID case rather than their true condition.
  • The billing dept. in one facility was routinely changing the illness categories for patients from their true condition to COVID because the hospital received higher reimbursements for COVID patients.
  • The governers and higher ranking hospital people never got involved with the departments.
  • **If a patient had pneumonia or flu then TREATMENT WAS WITHHELD **- if they were logged as a COVID patient they were often simply not treated at all! (This is at least malpractice, arguably manslaughter).
  • The COVID PCR 'test' is faulty.

Clearly worried by the situation, Abrien reported "Weird Fraud on every level... and that's how we're getting these spiked numbers on Covid".

I shared this video in 2021 and few people saw it becuase I was so heavily censored on Web 2.0 platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. What explanation can we have for the combination of factors here?

Treatment withheld from elderly patients who were misdiagnosed for profit and then any mention of whistleblowers being silenced on the world stage? Every aspect of this points to massive, organised crime of the most evil and dangerous kind.

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This was so pervasive and so easily instituted, that one has to wonder what percursors to these hijinks existed even before the convid. As someone who spent a lot of time trying to get appropriate care for patients in my personal care, I could see this coming years ago. But I never imagined it could go this far. Care withheld based on a PCR test! Criminal, harmful, corrupt, stay away from these providers.

It is likely that this entire process was planned decades in advance and structured to create the maximum death and profit, while minimising the risk of population revolt.
Yesterday's whistelblower testimony of a freemason from 2010 makes this somewhat clear:

Oh! I only watched the snippet of this longer video that you also posted. Will get to this one after tai chi! Thanks

Your supposition regarding the long term planning appears to be corroborated in this thread here:

A similar story being told here:

I am blocked by that account. lol.

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