Decentralising Health & Food! Why Real Christmas Spirit Means Treating Food As Medicine & Farmers Like Doctors... Stick With Me Here :)

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This might seem to be a weird post to put out on Christmas Eve, but I am someone who values the spirit of love and life enough to aim to embody 'Christmas Spirit' every day (minus the part about people being tortured on a cross and reborn) and part of that means giving good attention to the deep causes of personal/group wellbeing, which largely means HEALTH. At a time of 'emergency pandemic', what better topic to address to keep people healthy than health and in this case food!


Like many of us, I am fully aware that the food and drink that we consume has a massive effect on our health, physically, biologically, chemically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. In short, our biological body NEEDS certain building blocks in order to maintain health and if we lack them or if we take in things that shouldn't be in us that might block the nutrients - we experience pain, illness, confusion and become less of who we really are. None the less, though, I am also aware that achieving pinnacle nutrition in this society is not as simple as the marketers would have us believe.

In explaining this to my elderly Father today (again), I found myself giving a passionate speech that I wished I had recorded, because it really hit the nail on the head - I will do my best to distil it here:

Our bodies NEED over 90 minerals/vitamins in order to function optimally - some at higher amounts than others, some at only trace levels. However, if we lack even some of the trace minerals we will have problems over time. For the most part, these are all available in healthy soil, so they go into the plants and fruits/seeds and then into us when we consume them. Or, at least, that is what would be happening if our food was grown 'as nature intended'. In truth, our food is woefully denutrified and so we are too.

Many of our modern diseases are actually diseases of chronic lack of key nutrients and when we trace back (no pun intended) how we came to be lacking them, there are some obvious answers and some not so obvious ones. The obvious reason is that a lot of our food is being processed and mass produced by corporations who sell 'convenience' but which are actually, mostly, just designing products to make the maximum profits while 'seeming' to be offering quality too. This is a huge issue that has long been covered by many books and documentaries (Food Inc. is a good movie on this).

If we only eat food from the 'food scientists' who are motivated by profit, we will not have great health long term.

The main point I want to highlight now is that there is an even bigger problem. The soil of the Earth is the ultimate womb of all of our nutrition, if the soil is healthy then we can be and if it is not then we will not be. Modern (from the last 100 years) farming practices have gradually abused the soil more and more, while selling the idea that our food is getting better and better. The demineralisation of most soils has been designed and furthered by the actions of the oil companies who designed synthetic fertilisers decades ago and then spent vast sums to promote the idea that these are the answer to all our prayers.

In truth, what has happened is that the Nitrogen fixing process (Haber process) used to create modern fertilisers has resulted in us being able to produce vastly more food overall - which in turn has resulted in a massive population increase globally. Some people herald this as a great success, but in reality it has come hand in hand with a denutrification of food. We now have masses more food, but the mineral content is way lower than it needs to be. This works PERFECTLY for psychopathic corporations that want to basically enslave the world as we need to buy ever more food to feel close to satisfied (nutrified) and they get ever more customers too. It's like the ultimate heroin dealership.

The knock on effect is a vastly inflated number of people on planet and an ever lowering level of health. This is also perfect for the oil companies as they just happen to be behind the big pharmaceutical companies too - many drugs are made from oil originally. Denutrified soil means big profits for multiple big industries - there's no money in really successful health!

Rather than relying on incomplete 'fertilisers' from corrupt corporations, there are actually alternative solutions to remineralise the soil that few yet understand. Despite the answer having been known for nearly 100 years, it has been very much hidden by powerful and controlling monied interests that seek to continue to massively profit in every single way at all of our expsenses! ROCKDUST was beginning to be experimented with at around the same time as synthetic fertilisers in last century. However, the proponents of using glacial rockdust (high in 90+ trace minerals) lost out due to a lack of marketing funds as compared to the oil companies behind synthetic fertilisers!

Rockdust has the ability to naturally replenish depleted soils, including ALL of the trace minerals we need - yet few know this. Only rarely do farms and growers know this and use rockdust in place of the standard NPK fertilisers that we have probably all seen in garden shops. I have used it with great results when growing my own organic food and I have seen videos of 'morganic' businesses in some areas of the US (particularly Hawaii) where no stone is left unturned in producing the healthiest possible food.

Given that our food is paramount to our health and success, we really should be identifying the food production process as a matter of 'national security' or more realistically, a matter of essential human survival. Given also that rockdust solves a long standing problem that synthetic fertilisers have caused, it follows that the use of rockdust should be a high global priority, but it isn't!

The reasons for this involve, predictably, the controlled narrative/media who will never focus on this topic so as to not 'upset their advertisers' (and owners) - but also include something that is the focus of my post here - THE FARMERS ARE CLUELESS.

I am very tired of hearing people talking about farmers (in general) as if they are the saviours of the Earth, whereas in truth their intent to generate profit without doing thorough due dilligence research has caused (perhaps indirectly) the indiscriminate illness and death of vast numbers of people. Without farming and with people relying more on homegrown food, I am willing to bet that life would be drastically better and so would our health.

Effectively, modern farming is centralisation and homegrowing is decentralisation. In essence, I am advocating for food growing to 'go crypto' by everyone being empowered to do it for themselves. When everyone grows their food, we have much more variation of crops/tastes/flavours/genetics and most importantly we can all take full control of what goes into our food, thus also standing the best chance of optimising health.

The other option is for farmers to step up and take more responsibility for the health effects of their crops. This requires them to understand more about human health, nutrition and the food soil web that underlies the process of producing food. This is all key information, but if that all sounds like hard work and farmers don't want to be Doctors - they can at least research the hard work put in by so many experts and experiment with using Rockdust!

The artificial hierarchy and pomposity of academic accreditation needs to end now. The decentralisation of information will likely see an end to centralised learning institutions in the relatively near future. Now is the time for all of us to learn about the fundamentals of human health and go beyond the fear and media/corps/gov driven narrative that claims that constant injections of experimental shots (proven to kill) are the best way to combat a flu like virus with a mortality rate of less than 1%. In truth, taking full personal responsibility for our own health and body is the most powerful thing we can do - it's just not popular with those whose aim is enslavement rather than good natured support of other people!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I totally agree eating organic is not enough we need minerals too which have been filtered out of the mainstream diet. I say this having had to cancel my plans as I have lurgy; just seasonal flu I think. But with my partner seeing elderly and immune weak relatives am staying away from all the same. I need to look into better minerals to take. Thanks for the prompt

Ahoy! Haven't seen you around in a while! Do locate Zinc, Vit D., Niacin (B3), & Vit C. - plus fulvic minerals if feeling fruity! Wishing you a swift return to health.

Yes went off for a bit of reflection time and am back now. Went too far down the rabbit hole and kinda blew my mind.

Umm got Vit D and C but yes need to get Zinc. Am going to buy a full supply of Vits. I use Natures Best, any company you'd recommend?

Thanks for your good wishes appreciated. Feeling rough but I'll be right, just annoyed can't visit my partner. Will see her in a few days though. Xmas is another commercial festival to me so not fussed about that. Good to be back 👌🏽

If you have the cash then Cytoplan are a high quality and clean brand, but for the most part these are fairly easy to obtain and standard supplements. I have Ancient Purity Fulvic Minerals which seem to be good. :)

Nice don't see too pricey in comparison. Ancient Purity Fulvic look good both Vegan too 👌🏽. I will make a purchase thanks 👍🏽

I agree 1000%!! Grew up on my neighbor's farm just when Monsanto was still barely known. Most of them have already passed, and some of brain tumors. Farmers are very well treated by the French that buy their produce and less by the gov't😏 I buy most of my groceries here in Mexico from my Sunday open air market and Mexico is trying to ban GMOs out of their corn. My favorite fruit stand produceur is a cutie so as soon as I get close enough to him will be passing on info which I'm sure he'll pass on. Little by little we can educate the masses on the farming issues and it's easier to do when we're in direct contact🙏

Oh I don't think they will get very far banning GMOs as corn was one of the first to become totally GMO due to cross pollination afaik.
The real story of humanity is gradually emerging, but it falls to each of us to speed it up!

They will have to ban all pesticides and GMOs soon or there will be no food.

You stated

as corn was one of the first to become totally GMO due to cross pollination afaik

There are many corn varieties that are still heirloom.

Take a look at this beautiful corn seed you can buy

Wow I will have to buy some of this beautiful heirloom corn seed.


They will have to ban all pesticides and GMOs soon or there will be no food.

You might be right, but I see zero moves to achieve that.

There are many corn varieties that are still heirloom.

There are corn seeds sold as heirloom and I imagine that some have survived - but in terms of commercial crops, I am informed that even the non GMO ones are now mostly affected by GMO genetics.

Yes, probably not. But I'm here with other peaceful activists and we're forming groups and will start handing out pamphlets of info on the scamdemic every Saturday. The good thing about Mexico is that people are curious and will actually read them and using the QRcode they will look up the scientific studies and articles. Just the fact that they're doing 3 shots in one year has got a lot wondering. And where people wonder about something it means they're more open minded about finding out the truth and finding solutions🙏 Have a blessed Christmas @ura-soul 🎄🎅🤶🤗

We would definitely be a much better society if we respected our farmers and the people producing our food way more.

Instead of being outside and distancing yourself from your food process you really should be involved directly with it in some way as regular basis in your life.

Even just growing your own fresh herbs in your own house really connects you with the processes that have your food..

100% yes. Wherever there are gaps in society - such as where people engage with others economically but not personally, there are likely to be issues of imbalance and lost opportunities for improvements.

So many self caused mental.illnesses in the world.

Oh absolutely, like pretty much everyone!

Nice. Yes it's all about the soil. I'll have to check out rockdust. Thx !PIZZA

Excellent, you should be able to find it in most regions. I'm not in the US but a well known one is Azomite - there are better priced options though I think.

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Have you ever worked in agriculture? They make massive implements specially designed to spread rockdust, lime, potash, ash, strategic combinations. There are implements that pulverize rocks that already exist on the land turning them into dust that goes right back into the soil in one pass. And if you don't do something about these rocks they stand a chance of destroying your million dollar combine harvesters and planters.

Ever heard of something like sweet clover nitrogen fixation or cover crops in general? What about minimum tillage practices? The basics of crop rotation?

Ever seen a manure spreader before? Pretty common practice to spread good ole organic shit on the fields...

Do you really think a farmer would spend millions purchasing land just to destroy it or have it turn to dust and blow away?

"The farmers are clueless" LOL!


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