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RE: Do People with Autoimmune Disease Have Special Issues When Getting a Vaccine?

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I have never given the possibility of the covid19 vaccines being contra-indicated in people with autoimmune diseases until now. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that autoimmune disease incidence is very limited in this part of the world. Nevertheless, you discussed salient points and that sniffer dog that has the capacity to detect covid in sweat is amazing. I would like to know if the experiment is reproducible.


Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

The funny thing about autoimmune disease is, triggers are hard to trace. What may be a trigger in one person may not be in another. There are certain acknowledged antagonists--like sun and silica for lupus, and garlic for pemphigus (can you believe that!)--but even these are variable. Just about anything that promotes an immune response can be an antagonist in someone with an autoimmune disease. So, obviously, the vaccines may be problematic. I am six hours out from my booster and so far, no real problems. So..we'll see

I don't know where you live, but it's amazing that autoimmune diseases would be rare, anywhere. That is great news!