But Can It Play Doom? Keyboard with Video Display Announced

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When you think of places that we have seen video added it is a long, sometimes confusing, list. The spearhead of that discussion is “can it run Doom” considering if there is a screen, surely there is computing power to run the display. Well, get ready because…


Video output has a new home, your keyboard

According to The Register, this keyboard features a CPU and a GPU as well as a display built into the area below the translucent keys. The technology is called Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack, which allows video to be displayed.

As you can see in the YouTube video, the image on that screen is interactive. This is evident when you see the koi fish, the water ripples based on what key was pressed. The fish react accordingly as well.

A big selling point here is skins. Particularly skins from Steam. You can apparently have 3 available at one time. They also mention being able to monetize your skins but no information is made available (probably selling them on Steam).

Strong on looks, light on details

While LED powered keyboards are common today, the Centrepiece is bringing full on video display capabilities. This is powered by Unreal Engine 5 technology according to PC Gamer.com. This is impressive no matter how you look at it.

As mentioned in the comments on YouTube, how long before this is the whole device? That would bring new meaning to the whole “all in one” design idea of personal computing.

The questions I have include what is the GPU, what the is the CPU, etc? These details are not available and from what I can tell, no one knows. All we know for sure is what is shown in the promotional video and the price will be $349.

Is $350 too much for a keyboard? One that doesn’t seem to have anything on the keys identifying which is which (I hope you remember keyboard layout quite well)?


I would not be able to use a keyboard like that, haha... I don't even like keyboards with flashing LEDs. They need to be one static colour or no lighting at all.

I agree. This is a little much, information overload at it's best. I could see this working if they could get it operating like a newer Sega Dreamcast VMU of some sort. Not sure what information they could put there that would be beneficial though (the VMU was used for health monitoring in Resident Evil, play calling in football, etc).

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I have seen keyboards sell for over 1000 USD, heck even 10,000. 350 for some people isn't really much.